The Guilty Moose

I thought for the longest time that The Guilty Moose was called The Guilty Goose, and couldn’t understand what the goose did wrong. But now my new question has become – what did the moose do to feel so guilty about?!

Animal questions aside, The Guilty Moose is a quint little neighbourhood cafe located in Albert Park, with a fun menu and a cute courtyard to boost.

Turmeric Latte – $4.50
Turmeric Latte – $4.50

Knowing that we were going to be indulging on a selection of savoury and sweet dishes, turmeric latte was my drink of choice. The drink was warm and comforting, and a great way to start the meal.

Cauliflower Rice

The health theme continues with the cauliflower rice. For those who may not be keeping up with all of the latest health trends, cauliflower rice is essentially cauliflower being passed through a food processor, resulting in small pieces resembling rice. Although it may not look like the most exciting dish, the mixture of cauliflower rice and quinoa was actually quite tasty, benefiting from the additional of crispy kale and other nuts.

Hong Kong Phooey – $17.50

Congee is a classic breakfast for me growing up, and the rendition at The Guilty Moose did not disappoint. The rice were simmered long and slow, resulting in a sticky comforting bowl of goodness, made even better with the soft poached egg hidden underneath the crispy wonton skin.

Getting All Mushy and Stuff – $19.50

Mushrooms remain high on my list when it comes to brunch dishes, and the roasted mushrooms here were juicy and plump. The garlic and thyme whipped feta is a great way of adding in the flavours of those two elements, which works so well with mushrooms, without overpowering the mushrooms themselves.

Cinnamon Toasted Granola – $13.50

Besides being pretty as a picture, the cinnamon toasted granola was also a healthy and light dish for those who are craving something sweet first thing in the morning.

Cinnamon Toasted Granola – $13.50

The tried and true combination of toasted granola and yoghurt was dressed up with some sliced bananas and stewed rhubarb.

From top to bottom: Hong Kong Phooey – $18.50; Getting All Mushy and Stuff – $18.50; Everything’s Gone Pear Shaped – $18.50

I have somehow managed to fail to snap an individual shot of what was probably the most photogenic dish of the day, everything has indeed gone pear shaped. The gingerbread infused brioche was soft and fluffy, topped with a generous serve of butterscotch and red wine poached pear. The flavour combination sounds a bit unusual, but the richness of the butterscotch sauce actually went really well with the toned down pear, and the warmness of the brioche was a good base of flavour for everything else.

Apollonia – $17.50

And at last, we have ourselves the apollonia, i.e. apple pie that came in the form of an oversized spring roll. The classic flavour combination of apple and cinnamon was a winner, and this is an innovative way to serve up the humble apple pie. The ice cream on the side cooled down the apple mixture, while the walnut, apple and raisin salad added some crunch.

The menu, although short, was full of unusual twists on more classic dishes. Throw in the pet friendly courtyard and friendly service, it’s no wonder why The Guilty Moose is a favourite amongst locals.

How to get here:
The Guilty Moose is located on Victoria Avenue, catch tram #1 and get off at stop #31 Graham Street, and the cafe is right outside the tram stop.

I dined as a guest of The Guilty Moose.

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