Mr Hendricks

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It’s no secret that Mr Hendricks is one of my brunch go-tos in the Eastern suburbs. Its space may seem a bit small upon first glance, however, there is a courtyard, and an elevated courtyard on top of that, preventing a wait even on a Saturday morning.

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Cold Drip

Given the scorching weather on the day, I settled for the cold drip. The cold drip at Mr Hendricks was served with sparkling water on the side, which I was quite confused about at the start. However, I quickly realised that the sparkling water was to be poured into the cold drip, making it a rather refreshing drink.

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Croque Madame – $16.00

The Croque Madame is a new addition to the menu, and in true Mr Hendricks fashion, the serving was huge! Sandwich between the two slices of buttery and crunchy bread was a ham hock terrine, elevating the dish from more pedestrian renditions of the sandwich. The bechamel sauce and the gruyere cheese added more creaminess to the dish. Although delicious, this dish was quite decadent, and could have benefited from a small salad or the like to lighten it up a little.

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Rosemary Chips – $7.50

A balanced diet requires some chips on the side, and these are some of my favourite chips in town. The thick cut chips were fried to perfection, golden on the outside and super potato-ey on the inside, and the rosemary salt was earthy and comforting.

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I’m so glad that Mr Hendricks is on my side of town, its more than reasonable price, ever-changing menu and just general good vibes means that I will be returning for years to come.

How to get there:
Mr Hendricks is located on Whitehorse Road, catch tram #109 and get off at Northcote Avenue/Whitehorse Road, the cafe is just a minute walk away.

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White Mojo

White Mojo took the Melbourne brunch scene by storm in 2016, having opened two more cafes already, with one extending into dinner service.

We visited its Balwyn location on this occasion, and upon entering into the cafe, the first thing that you will notice is just how spacious it is. With marble and light-coloured wood as its colour palette, the space was airy and sophiscated, down to the fresh flowers that’s placed on every table.

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Iced Matcha Latte – $7.00

I strayed away from coffee because the weather was extremely humid, and chose to cool down with the iced matcha latte. The drink came in a tall glass, and had a good amount of bitterness from the matcha.

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Double Cheese Chilli Scrambled Eggs – $21.50

Although I don’t typically go for scrambled eggs at brunch, this is the award winning dish from White Mojo, and I decided to give it a go. The eggs were scrambled through with parmesan, cheddar and corn, and were placed on top of a slice of smoked belly bacon, smothered with chilli mayo, and all sandwiched between a ink brioche bun.

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Double Cheese Chilli Scrambled Eggs – $21.50

White Mojo placed its own flare onto the traditional breakfast dish, and it was a decadent yet simple affair. The eggs were silky smooth, and the cheese added some more richness, while the corn offered a contrasting texture. The chilli mayo had a kick to it, and the ink bun was not only visually appealing, but added more substance to the dish.

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Wagyu Meatballs – $17.50

The wagyu meatball was another winning dish. The meatballs themselves were so tender, and the tomato sugo that the meatballs were being stewed in had a complex depth of flavour, perfect for dipping in with the toasted bread on the side.

It is clear to see why White Mojo is capable of such a quick expansion.  With a refined and interesting menu that has most items under $20, laid-back atmosphere and professional service, it is a place that guarantees an enjoyable meal, something that is actually quite hard to come by these days.

How to get here:
White Mojo is located on Whitehorse Road, catch tram #109 and get off at stop 46 Balwyn Cinema, and the cafe is sitting right by the tram stop.

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White Mojo

1White Mojo has taken social media by storm, in fact, it’s been doing so well that it has opened up a second restaurant in Balwyn only a few months after its CBD predecessor.

The place aims to have everything as instagram worthy as possible, from the all white interior, where there is plenty of natural light for photo taking, to the theatrical smoke filled cloches that add drama to any dish, let alone a unusual sounding cauliflower panna cotta.


Left: Skinny Flat White – $4.00; Right: Matcha Latte – $4.50

We started off with some hot drinks to warm us up on another cold Melbourne morning, seriously has it always been this cold?!


Skinny Flat White – $4.00

White Mojo uses beans from Sumatran coffee, which I’ve never tried before. The coffee was very smooth, although I would’ve preferred something slightly stronger, this still hit the spot.


Matcha Latte – $4.50

The matcha latte was super green, always a good sign. My friend did enjoy it as it had a strong matcha flavour without being overpoweringly bitter.


Top: Pork Benedict – $22.00; Bottom: White Mojo Croissant Burger – $22.00

Moment of appreciation for these marble hexagon tiled tabletops please, I know marble’s kind of been over done as of late, but urgh it’s just so aesthetically pleasing I can’t.


White Mojo Croissant Burger – $22.00

I was torn between the cauliflower panna cotta and the croissant burger for the longest time, but ended up picking the burger because um, croissant burger AND soft shell crab hello?! This is something that I never knew I needed until I tried it. How has no one else thought of this combination before?! The buttery and flaky croissant providing the perfect base for the crunchy soft shell crab, add two fried eggs and take out the coriander, and we have a winner right here. This was definitely very indulgent, and towards the end it did get a little heavy, however, the chipotle mayo did lend some spiciness to the burger.


Pork Benedict – $22.00

The pork benedict probably wasn’t the prettiest dish going around, but my friend did like White Mojo’s spin on the classic pairing of roast pork with apple sauce. They incorporated cubes of roast pork with compressed apple slices. There was also a generous amount of hollandaise sauce, however, my friend wished there were one extra slice of bread to soak up the sauce and egg yolk with.89White Mojo seems to have everything that makes up a great cafe; innovative menu, beautiful interior, and friendly service. They serve up sparkling rather than still water on the table, which definitely gives off a more sophisticated vibe, unfortunately, my friend and I both prefer still water, which they happily changed for us.

With some time and more tweaks into the particulars of the menu items, White Mojo is definitely one to watch in the Melbourne brunch scene, and I’m glad that more great brunch places are popping up in the eastern suburbs!

How to get there:
White Mojo is located on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn, catch tram #109 and get off at stop #48, the cafe is 5o metres away.

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Mr Hendricks

Mr Hendricks is one of my favourite brunch spots in the Eastern suburbs, I’m surprised that I don’t visit it more considering its proximity!
Skinny Flat White – $3.50

Good brunch always start with coffee, and my usual order was served in a tall charcoal mug. The coffee was nothing mind-blowingly amazing, but that’s only because we’re spoiled for choice in Melbourne. It was a satisfying beginning to my meal nonetheless.

Brioche French Toast – $16.50

After studying the menu for a good 20 minutes, I finally settled on the French Toast. I usually don’t order something sweet for brunch, just because I prefer a savoury start to a day, however, it was already 1pm, and I was ready for a sugar hit. The French toast was absolutely HUGE. The brioche was cut super thick, but it was still light and fluffy inside, soaking up the perfect amount of egg mixture. The caramel sauce was very dense, and contracted beautifully with the poached pears (ONE AND A HALF PEARS WHAT IS THIS). Being used to Melbourne portions, this was a nice breath of fresh air, and the quality was definitely not compromised by the generous serving!

Heirloom Carrot and Haloumi Salad – $18.50

My brunch partner for the day went for the healthier alternative (don’t they always).  The salad was filled with good things like grains and nuts, and the flavour was enhanced by the haloumi. Little pops of raisins also added some interest to the dish.

Mr Hendricks may seem small when you first enter, but there’s actually a nice little courtyard down the back, which is where we sat because the weather was really nice. If you’re ever sick of the brunch scene in the inner city suburbs, come visit Mr Hendricks! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

How to get there:
Catch tram #109 and get off at stop #49, Northcote Ave/Whitehorse Road, Mr Hendricks is located on Whitehorse Road, which is one minute walk from the tram stop.

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