Ribs & Burgers

American BBQ was all the craze a few years back, and Ribs & Burgers was one of the first few restaurant that introduced the cuisine to Melbourne. A lot has changed since then, and Ribs & Burgers is a fully fledged chain restaurant at this point, with four joints sprawled across Melbourne.

Pork Baby Back (Large) – $34.90

The full rack of baby back ribs smelt amazing when it landed on our table. The meat was falling off the bone, and the sweet caramelisation from the grill added an extra layer of flavour to the ribs. This was definitely worth the inevitable sticky fingers.


The chips were nothing to be scoffed at either, golden and crunchy, this may push the meal from being rich to decadent, but hey, you’ll never find me complaining about chips this good.

Beef Ribs – $23.90

The beef ribs were basted in the same signature BBQ sauce of Ribs & Burgers, but the result was completely different. The meaty flavour was a lot stronger in this case, and although it lacked the tenderness of the pork baby back, it would be ideal for someone who is a serious carnivore.

Apple and Cabbage Salad

Balance is key, and the crisp and light apple and cabbage salad was the logical counterpart to the rich beef ribs. Eating bites of the salad between the ribs ensured that your arteries aren’t too overly clogged by the end of the meal.

Compared to some of the more upscale steakhouses, Ribs & Burgers is a no-frill sort of deal, and the ribs remain tasty after all this time. It may not be an ideal setting if you’re trying to seriously impress someone, however, the laid-back vibe makes it perfect for a quick weekday dinner, and that’s clearly been working out for Ribs and Burgers.

How to get here:
I visited Ribs & Burgers at its Hawthorn location, which is located on Glenferrie Road, about 10 minutes walk from Glenferrie Station.

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The Meat and Wine Co

I’m always down for a good piece of steak, and what better place to go than a place that has meat in its name?

The Meat and Wine Co specialises in an assorted array of meat dishes, that combines African and Australian cuisine, a fusion that is not commonly found in Melbourne.

The restaurant has several locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and on this occasion, I paid a visit to its Hawthorn East location. The interior was filled with wood and leather, clearly a hub set perfectly for meat lovers.

Raspberry Beret – $19.00

It was a nice and warm day, and what better way to start your meal than a sweet cocktail. The raspberry beret had a mixture of vermouth and gin, ensuring that there was mixture of sweet and floral notes. The raspberry gave it a summery touch.

Wagyu Tartare – $16.00

We shared an entree of wagyu tartare, something that I have grown to be fond of. The mixture of pickles and smoked yolk, when mixed through with the minced steak, lifted the heaviness of the meat. The addition of crackling meant that there was plenty of texture. My only gripe is the limited pieces of lavosh that the tartare was served with!

Monte – Grain Fed 120D – Rump – $29.00

The Meat & Wine Co has its own exclusive source of beet – Monte, because why not? There was a range of different cuts available, and unfortunately, our waiter did not offer to explain them all to us. After some reading myself, I chose the 120 days grain fed piece of rump.

Monte – Grain Fed 120D – Rump – $29.00

The steak certainly looked amazingly, with perfect char marks and all. It was quite juicy and tender, and did not have a strong beef flavour, which is what I expected. I asked for medium-rare, and did think that it was slightly overcooked.

The accompanying chips, on the other hand, were as good as thick cut chips can be, with the contrasting texture of a crunchy exterior paired with a fluffy interior.

Pork Ribs (Half Rack) – $39.00

We settled on the pork ribs for our other main. THe ribs were cooked perfectly, the sweet and sticky glaze meant that there were plenty bits of meat that were caramelised.

The side farm salad was simply yet refreshing, and prevented us from getting too guilty.

Mac & Cheese – $12.00

We shared an addition side of mac and cheese, a dish that never disappoints. The rustic interpretation that The Meat & Wine Co offered was quite mild in flavour, with some smokiness coming through from the charred cauliflower.

I certainly did enjoy my meal at The Meat & Wine Co. Although there was nothing especially innovative about the menu, each of the dish was executed well. I’m still on the hunt for that perfect piece of steak though, until next time.

How to get here:
The Meat & Wine Co is located on Riversdale Road, around a 7 minutes walk from Camberwell Station; alternatively, catch tram #75 and get off at Camberwell Junction, and the restaurant is a minute walk away.

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Kong BBQ

Kong BBQ has been on Urbanspoon’s most talked list for a while now, I really don’t think it needs much introduction haha. It’s brought to us by the makers of Chin Chin, and features an extensive list of Korean inspired dishes, BBQs in particular, that’s meant for sharing.

Kong is known for its massive lines, so I decided to visit at a random time slot, which ensured that there was minimal wait, and plenty of photos to be taken yay.
Rose Petal Infused Sake, Lychee, Pink Grapefruit, Calpico Grape Soda – $32

A fruity and refreshing cocktail to accompany what’s about to be a quite heavy meal. I couldn’t make out the rose petal infused sake, but it was still very light and enjoyable to drink.

BBQ Corn w. Chilli Salt & Miso Butter (3) – $12

I can never say no to BBQ corns when I see them on the menu. The kernels were juicy and sweet, and was taken to the next level by the chilli salt. However, I couldn’t really taste the miso butter.

Soft Shell Crab w. Salted Duck Egg Relish & Coriander – $6

Mmmmm soft shell crab. Crunchy fried soft shell crab in a fluffy white bun, with the addition of the salted egg relish and pickles, this was small but satisfying. Oh btw I hate coriander, so took those out yay.

Ssam Roti-Roll | Pulled Pork w. Slaw, Kimchi & Burnt Chilli Mayo – $12

These roti-rolls were definitely a standout. I have no idea what they marinated the pulled pork with, but it was delicious! The pulled pork was full of flavour, and combined with the slaw, kimchi and mayo, every mouthful was a delight to eat. Oh and the roti was nice and flaky too.

BBQ Soy Wings w. Sesame & Spring Onion – $12

These wings were probably the least exciting out of all the things we ordered. It’s not that these were bad or anything, they just weren’t anything special. Sure, the soy had a nice balance between sweet and savoury, and the wings were very succulent, but it just didn’t blow my mind.

Kong Bossam BBQ Tray | Pulled Chicken and Pork, Pork Belly and Beef Brisket w. Lettuce, Pickles, Kimchi and Walnut Ssamjang – $29

Because of the plethora of choices we were given, I decided to go with the BBQ tray so we get to try a bit of everything. It was fun to try out different combinations of meat and picks all wrapped up in the lettuce, but more lettuce please!
The pulled pork and pork belly were the unanimous favourites. You can’t go wrong with pork belly, they were tender and juicy, the fat was gelatinous, and the crackling was the cherry on the cake. The pulled pork was the same as the ones in the roti rolls, and they were just as delicious. The pulled chicken was slightly on the blander end of things. The beef brisket had a nice smoky flavour, but I didn’t really get the sauce on top, it didn’t really taste like anything to me o.o The walnut ssamjang was something different, to me anyway haha. It’s basically a chutney that’s meant to be used as a “wrapping sauce”. It was quite sweet and rich, but wasn’t over the top.


Kong BBQ is definitely one of the better restaurants I’ve been to in a while. From the excellently executed food, to the attentive service, there was nothing much to fault. I guess that’s why people are willing to wait for hours for a table, but if you’re not one of those, then just go in the middle of the afternoon like I did! πŸ™‚

How to get there:
Kong BBQ is located on Church Street, 10 minutes walk from East Richmond Station!

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