NOTD | Essie Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night made its debut back in 1997, and since then, it has become a cult favourite, and a lemming of literally every nail fanatic I know. When Essie announced their Retro Revival collection, no one was surprised to see Starry Starry Night making its comeback, but everyone was beyond excited.
Three Coats of Starry Starry Night w/ One Coat of Poshe Topcoat
Three Coats of Starry Starry Night w/ One Coat of Poshe Topcoat
Three Coats of Starry Starry Night w/ One Coat of Poshe Topcoat
Excuse the excessive number of photos, but it’s so hard to capture the glitter in the nail polish! Starry Starry Night is a deep blue jelly polish with silver glitters through out, because of the jelly nature of the polish, the silver glitters appear to be both blue and green, and that’s what makes this an amazing polish! It does kind of remind me of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, with a similar colour scheme, but obviously the glitters are a lot smaller, and the base is much more opaque.
I love this polish, and am so happy that I finally got my hands on them without forking out over $100 on eBay. Apparently there are some differences between the comeback and the original version however, but regardless, this polish is gorgeous in all its glittery blue glory.
Side note though, the polish started chipping on me barely a day after application, which is quite odd. I’m willing to overlook it and maybe try it with a different topcoat, otherwise I’ll just suck it up anyway since the colour is too pretty to pass.
Where to buy:
Priceline stocks Essie nail polish, I buy all mine from eBay though, usually from the seller beautyzone2007, but I bought this particular polish from honeybee1909.

NOTD | Essie Strawberry Shortcake

Summer’s pretty much over in Melbourne, sad times I know, but hey, that also means the end of hay fever season yay!

During the warmer days, I threw on this blindingly neon combo in an attempt to make my skin look tanner, which kind of failed I gotta say. On the bright side (hehe), Essie Strawberry Shortcake had an excellent formula, an easy two coats was all I needed, and I slapped on some white glitter polish I bought in China for a dollar, and BAM, we have a winner! Although it looks like a pink-ish red, in real life, this polish is definitely a neon hot pink, with some shimmer through out, you know how cameras freak out with neons though.

Where to buy:
Priceline carries Essie nail polishes, I’m pretty sure this is one of the permanent colours.

NOTD | OPI Bubble Bath

4 Coats of OPI Bubble Bath + Topcoat

Here’s a nude you can send your man #WasteHisTime2016. I really don’t get how that hashtag blew up, but anyway, back to polish. This is probably the closest thing I’ve found to a pinky nude for my skin tone, just for reference, I’m a NC15. But of course, nothing’s perfect. And the downfall of this gorgeous nude – it’s OPI Bubble Bath btw – is its formula. It was just so damn sheer, and not in an even way either, which meant I had to apply four coats.

Nail polish story time. Apparently back in the days Bubble Bath was more white, in a milky off white kind of way, but it has since transformed into this pale pink/nude colour. It was a big controversy at the time, and people were mad. The Polish Addict made a comparison post here.

Where to buy:
I purchase my OPI polishes on eBay usually, my two favourite sellers are beautyzone2007 and enchantedbeautyspot.

NOTD | An Amorous Disposition by Arcane Lacquer

The long awaited Spring is finally here, although the weather has been crazy lately, with the whole tornado scare just a few days ago, definitely Melbourne weather at its finest.

Anyway, since it’s the beginning of Spring, I picked a colour that’s pretty weather appropriate for once, and it’s an Australian indie! I love supporting indie creators, but sometimes it’s just hard to be willing to fork out all that money on international shipping you know? So when’s it’s a local artist, it’s pretty much a win-win. Anyway, the polish is by Arcane Lacquer, and it’s called An Amorous Disposition, the name reminds me of Sweet Disposition haha.

It’s a beautiful magenta jelly filled with black and silver micro glitters, does it remind anyone else of dragon fruit? I was going through a stage where I had to slap a matte topcoat on everything because my Poshe one got all goopy and I haven’t gotten around to ordering a new bottle yet. But I do love putting a matte topcoat over a glitter polish, it transforms the whole thing!

I love how this is sort of understated but attention grabbing at the same time!

Where to buy:
Arcane Lacquer can be purchased on its website, where international stocklist is listed too.

NOTD | Ciaté Sugar Plum and PolishMeSilly Lite Brite

One coat of Lite Brite over Sugar Plum, with Matte about You over the top

Since Spring is officially here, with the temperatures reaching 30s already (what is this), I decided it’s time to whip out the pastels!

Sugar Plum by Ciaté is a pastel purple, but it’s not super stark like Essie Lilacism or something like that. It’s leaning towards pink, but still does definitely look purple on the nails – can I get anymore convoluted? Anyway, formula wise this was good, two coats was all I needed.

You know that awkward stage when your topcoat is all gooey and gross, but your new bottle hasn’t arrived yet? Well I was going through that, and so I had to matte everything, and I can’t just matte a pastel, what’s the fun in that? So naturally, I chucked some multi-coloured glitter on top. Lite Brite by PolishMeSilly had a good mix of blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange glitter in mainly two sizes, and the bigger glitters did take a bit of fishing. There was also some good amount of silver micro glitters in the mix. Unfortunately I think this polish is not stocked anymore, but there are plenty of rainbow glitters out there nowadays, I’m sure you’ll find something!

After adding the matte topcoat – I used Essie Matte about You, I was done for the day, and this actually lasted a good seven days surprisingly! I always thought matte top coats won’t last as long, but guess I was wrong.

Where to buy:
Ciaté can be found in Mecca, and Lite Brite has been discontinued unfortunately, but PolishMeSilly polishes can be purchased from their Etsy shop.

NOTD | Essie Smooth Sailing

The thing about filing my nails oval is that I HAVE TO FILE THEM SO OFTEN. Compared to squared nails, oval definitely grows out of shape quicker. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t file them for three or four weeks, and they look, well, let’s just say not very pleasant. 
Rant aside, I love this polish! Smooth Sailing is a simple light denim blue creme polish that is filled with silver shimmer, which is visible in all lightings. The polish did dry a bit darker than in the bottle, which made it more Winter appropriate I suppose, although this polish was actually released in the Summer collection back in 2011.
Three Coats of Essie Smooth Sailing w/ Topcoat

The name of the polish definitely make me want it to be Summer already, even though I’m not particularly a fan of the hot season. What about you? What’s your favourite season? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

NOTD | Essence Where is the Party?

I picked out another duochrome to wear this time, and it’s another realllllllly old polish. Back when Essence had their old packaging still, maybe a couple years back?
2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

Where is the Party? had a super strong duochrome, is it green? Is it purple? NO ONE KNOWS.

2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

See, it all depends on the angle of your nails. I’ve heard that if you have flatter nails the duochrome won’t show up well, but yeh, it’s definitely one of the more duochrome-y polishes I’ve tried!

2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

The formula was okay on this one, but because it is a chrome finish, brushstrokes were hard to avoid. Also, I’ve only had this on my nails for three days, and it’s chipped quite a bit already, which is a first for me. But maybe my topcoat is getting old? I’ll get back to you on that one!

Where to buy:

Essence can be found in some Priceline and Target, call up the stores to double check if they stock it!