Taco Bill

Taco Bill is a Mexican restaurant chain that has been around for a long long time. I always saw the storefront near my local station, and finally decided to pay it a visit on a Monday night.

Incidentally, Taco Hill have a deal of half price mains on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, so we went ahead and grabbed an entree and a main each to share.

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Chile Nachos – $19.00

The chile nachos were one of the specials on the night, it was essentially your standard nachos with the addition of chilli con carne. The nachos were pretty tasty, with the classic combination of salsa, sour cream and guacamole, and plenty of cheese. In fact, the cheese meant that the corn chips were stuck together, making it a bit difficult to eat at times.

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Enchilada Nuevo Mexico – $22.00

The new Mexican style enchilada consisted of three corn tortillas stacked together, with beef, onion and cheese stacked inbetween, topped with more cheese, an egg, and mild chili sauce. On the side were some Mexican rice and frijoles, i.e. Mexican beans, and a beef taco. The serving of this dish was quite impressive, however, the flavours were lacking. The tortillas were soggy, and thew beef mixture just kind of tasted like beef stewed in a mix of store bought salsa and tomato sauce. Although this filled me up, I wasn’t very satisfied.

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Chicken Quesadilla – $18.00

My friend chose the chicken quesadilla, and unfortunately, this was a bit of a let down. The texure of the chicken was reminiscent of canned tuna, and it was rather dry and stringy.

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I didn’t have high expectations going into Taco Bill, and it was actually an alright experience overall. Although the food was not very authentic, the service was very friendly, and the dining space was welcoming. With the half price on mains three nights a week, I can see myself returning here for a weeknight meal when I don’t feel like venturing far from home.

How to get here:
The Blackburn Taco Bill is located on Railway Road, a short 5 minutes walk from Blackburn station.

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Lily Loves George

Welcome to my freshly revamped blog! I still need to tweak around with the setting a little bit, add a header and whatnot, but I’m so glad I finally made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and even got a domain on the way!

Lily Loves George’s biggest drawcard for me was its cute name. Seriously, it just sounded so cute and adorable, and the interior offers the same vibe too, with its use of bright yellow decors against the dark grey backdrop.

Being quite a small local cafe, it was buzzing on a Sunday morning.

Skinny Flat White – $3.50

Tbh I was a bit disappointed that there was no latte art on my flat white, however, it was still decent coffee, quite robust and acidic.

Iced Chocolate – $5.50

The tall glass of iced chocolate had plenty of chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, and my friend really enjoyed it.

Mushroom Medley on Sourdough Toast w/ Basil Pesto, Two Poached Eggs and Rocket – $16.00

The menu was short and sweet, and the items were generally one or two dollars than the price I’m used to.

I ordered the mushroom medley, because come on, you can never really go wrong with mushrooms. The mushrooms were fried in butter, and went really well with the basil pesto. The sourdough was a bit to hard to cut into though, and the few pieces of rocket on top seemed like an afterthought.

“Benny” Two Poached Eggs on Potato Rosti w/ Triple Smoked Salmon and House Made Hollandaise – $16.00



My friend went for the classic eggs hollandaise, and besides the rostis being a bit soggy, everything else worked well together. The hollandaise was rich in colour, and promising in flavour, and the smoked salmon was its perfect counterpart.
Lily Loves George may not be the most exciting cafe around, but it does serve up some classic brunch items at a lower price range, and the locals are smitten with it.
How to get there:
Lily Loves George is located on Chapel Street, a short five minutes walk from Blackburn Station.

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Ganesh Indian

Indian food is something that I don’t eat a whole lot of, because my mum has never been a fan, and it’s just not as abundant as some other cuisines in Melbourne, in the areas I frequent anyway. However, Ganesh Indian is super close to me, and after ordering take away a couple of times from them, my friends and I decided to dine in at the restaurant.

The setting of the restaurant is quite cosy, and as soon as you step in, the aroma of various spices in the air sets the scene right away.

Onion Bhaji – $5.50

One of my friend highly recommended the onion bhaji, and from her description, it sounded like an intense version of onion rings. However, this was not the case. The deeped onion bhaji was actually quite doughy, and had too little onions flavour wise, and was rather bland on its own.

Butter Chicken – $12.90

You really can’t not order a butter chicken at an Indian restaurant, and as soon as the plate was placed on our table, the intense colour of the curry already looked promising. The creaminess of the sauce was addictive, and there was plenty of chicken drowned in all that sauce!

Do Piaza (Lamb) – $12.90

Piaza means onion I think, hence the large amount of onion in this dish. The sauce was more on the acidic side, and was also thinner in consistency. I’ve never tried this curry before, usually going for the more popular Lamb Korma, but I’m glad my friend made the executive decision and ordered this instead, it’s always nice to try something new (only when it taste good though let’s be real).

Shahi Paneer – $12.50

Speaking of trying new things, Shahi Paneer was another adventurous choice of the night. Paneer is a type of dumpling made with mainly cottage cheese, and they’re huge! The middle of the paneer can be a little bland, however, pouring some of the gravy certain elevated the flavour. The sauce had plenty of almonds in it, which added a nutty taste.

Left: Garlic Naan – $2.50
Right: Plain Naan – $2.00

Of course we had to order plenty of naans to dip in with all the curries! The garlic were surprising yellow, and didn’t have enough garlic for my liking, but then again, I am pretty obsessed with garlic. The plain naan was exactly that, a perfect base to soak up all the different flavours in the sauce!

Cheese Naan – $4.00

The cheese naan had a thick layer of cheese stuffed in its pockets, and they came so hot off the tandoori that I burnt myself a little, but the pain was definitely worth it.

Pista Kulfi – $5.00

We didn’t really have room for dessert, but the waitress highly recommended the pista kulfi, Indian version of pistachio ice cream, and who could say no to that? The triangular blocks of kulfi was icy and pistachio-y, a lot less creamy than traditional ice cream, and the lightness made it the perfect end to our dinner.

Ganesh Indian served up some pretty darn amazing food, along with friendly service throughout the night. It’s definitely a place I will be returning to, maybe I’ll even force my mum to come next time. Oh and they also do $9 lunch boxes during lunchtime (DUH), which is right up my alley.

How to get there:
Ganesh Indian is located on South Parade, right across the road from Blackburn Station.

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Urban Zinc

Once you step inside Urban Zinc, it’s not hard to see where the name comes from. With rustic wooden furnitures, and exposed brick walls (yes I still love them), it was definitely going for that urban/industrial/shabby chic/every other synonym you can find on Pinterest vibe.

Top: Long Black
Bottom: Skinny Flat White

The coffees were a little too milky and definitely on the weaker side of things, and that’s saying alot considering that I like milky flat whites LOL.

Veggie Muddle – $15.50

The veggie muddle is my kind of vegetarian dish, although it was all vegetarian, none of the elements were bland, and they all worked well together.

There was pumpkin, mushroom, haloumi, rocket all on top of some toasted sourdough. There was some herbs and spices added into the pumpkin and mushrooms, which added some flavour. And grilled haloumi is always nice.

Actually looking at the menu again, I think the spice is actually meant to be dukkah, but it was definitely some strange dukkah…

Spanish Baked Eggs – $16.50

The yolks in the baked eggs was overcooked unfortunately, but the chorizo was very meaty and elevated the dish. I wish there was more tomato sauce and baked bean for the bread to scoop up though!

I found the cups size way funnier than it actually is, oh and there’s also a cabinet filled with pies and sandwiches, that you can grab for on the go meals!

Hehe, no free wifi so talk to your mate, good stuff. Although Urban Zinc was nothing exceptional, it would be a decent place to visit if you happen to be in the area.

How to get there:
Urban Zinc is located on South Parade, right opposite Blackburn station.

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The Food Republic

One of the best thing about moving is that you get all these new places to try out, and the proximity of The Food Republic to Blackburn station made it high on my list. When I first walked in, I was quite impressed by the interiors and the general vibe, didn’t think I’ll find a place like this in the suburbs haha.

Skinny Flat White

My coffee came in a lovely dark grey mug, and the latte art already looked promising, although quite dark. This was indeed a quite robust cup of flat white, with hints of a slightly more chocolate-y note.

Poached Chicken Burger

I opted for the Poached Chicken Burger, and it was standard yet satisfying. Between the sweet brioche bun studded with sesame seeds, there was lettuce, bacon, pineapple, cheese, poached chicken of course, and citrus mayo. I couldn’t really tell if the mayo was citrus-y or not, but the pineapple definitely provided some acidity, in fact, that was what lured me to order the burger. The chicken was poached well too, not try at all. The accompanying thick cut beer battered chips was very potato-y, just the way I like them haha. On a side note, my friend and I was very intrigued by their $11 dollar bowl of chips, I mean, how gourmet does it have to be ._,

Pulled Lamb Roll

My friend ordered the Pulled Lamb Roll, and it was pretty much half a baguette on the plate. She did enjoy the fresh flavours though, but it was nothing too adventurous. The high quality of the ingredients could be tasted, and the modest elements matched nicely together.

I forgot to take down the prices on their menu, but each item was a couple dollars more than what’s listed on Zomato from memory, which definitely puts it in the pricier side of things when it comes to brunch. The restaurant had the heater blasting, which made it a much needed escape from the cold. I can definitely see why it’s always buzzing with locals, I mean, not everyone can be bothered to go all the way to the CBD for good brunch. Although most of the items on the menu was quite safe, they did deliver some quality food, which is why I probably will be returning when I want to stay closer to home.

How to get there:
The Food Republic is located on Blackburn Road, five minutes walk from Blackburn station.

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