Mr Burger

Burger seems to be a thing that I don’t eat that often, even though I really like it, does that make senses? LOL. Anyway, I remember back in the days Mr Burger only had food trucks, and it could be hard trying to track it down, so I’m glad that now there’s a few permanent locations.

Ginger Ale – $5.00

Because it was a warm day (yepp I went a while back), I decided to grab a bottle of ginger ale. These types of glass bottles are very nostalgic for me, I think back in the days, before canned soft drinks became a thing, they were all served in these! Not the most economic solution, but still, I like it. The ginger ale itself was nice and refreshing, with a subtle ginger kick.

Mr Hot – $12.00

I tried the namesake burger last time, and it was okay, but my friend said that Mr Hot is her favourite, so I decided to give it a go. The pattie was very juicy, and cooked well. The onion rings, on the hand, were a bit dry because of the crumb. The jalapeños were the highlight, as it gave the burger a kick of flavour, as well as texture. The bun itself had great integrity, and didn’t fall apart, which is always nice.

Trucker Chips – $8.00

Mmmmmm these fries doe. So good. I can’t even. Perfect battered chips deep fried, with crispy bacon bits, cheese, and mountain of sauce. Oh yeh. This is what I live for. But seriously, these were so sinfully good, but you know when you eat something unhealthy and doesn’t even taste good, then you’re just sitting there thinking why did I waste my calories on that? Well, this wasn’t the case here. The sauce did get a tad salty towards the end though.

We went close to finishing time, so the restaurant was pretty empty, and service was quick, although it was superrrr cold inside the warehouse. I love how they had a food truck-esque kitchen set-up, paying homage to Mr Burger’s roots, always nice.

How to get there:
Mr Burger is located on Therry Street, which is in Queen Victoria Market. Follow the burger sign and you’ll be there!

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Charlie & Co Burgers

Left: Classic Charlie Burger – $11.90
Right: Parmesan and Truffle Fries – $5.90; Aioli – $0.50

My mission to try out all the food in Emporium continues with Charlie & Co today. I opted for the Classic Charlie Burger, which was pretty disappointing. The beef pattie was very tough, and the bun itself was slightly burnt, and very dry. I did like the brie on top of the burger though, but it was just not enough to save the burger.

The Parmesan and Truffle Fries on the other hand, was amazing. I first had truffle fries back in Singapore, where it’s a thing I think. You could smell the truffle straight away, and that’s always a good sign. The fries were perfectly crispy outside, fluffy on the inside, and with a little bit of parmesan, truffle oil, and the addition of aioli, every bite was worth clogging your arteries for.

I have some mixed feelings about Charlie & Co, the burger was below average, but the fries were there to save the day. I’ll definitely return for the fries, and maybe give their burgers another go? Then again, with the plethora selection of burger places all around the city, I’m not sure if I want to risk being handed a mediocre burger for the second time.

How to get there:
Charlie & Co Burgers is located in Emporium, the Cafe Court on Level 3.

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Burgers seem to be all the rage in Melbourne in 2014. After drooling over photos of 8bit on instagram for months (no joke), I dragged my friend to the streets of Footscray (she’s only been in Melbourne for two months, so yeh, it was a bit of a shock to say the least) on a sunny afternoon.

After walking past a street of Vietnamese restaurant, we finally arrived. Now, because my friend (and I, let’s be honest) are lazy af, we got there at around 4’o clock on a Friday afternoon, just before rush hour. We were ready for the burgers.



Before we get to the food, let’s talk interior (because I know so much about that, not). As you can tell from the name, this place is obviously inspired by the old school flash games. It’s got the retro theme going on throughout the entire place, with the colourful high stools, exposed wall (I die every time), rustic lights, and they even had a game machine thingo at the back!


I demanded for the cute blue 8bit sign thingo to be attached to our table number HAHA, the guy that took the order was like okay then.

Food, glorious food.
Top: Salted Caramel Milkshake – $6.50
Bottom: Peanut Butter Milkshake – $6.50

I know what you’re thinking, that’s way too much food for two people. Mate, it’s in Footscray, literally an hour and a half from my house, so when I can actually be bothered to go there, obviously I’m going to over order like a real Asian try everything I can get my hands on.

Because I forgot to take a proper photo of the milkshakes, I’m just going to talk about them here. They were AMAZING. Seriously, the peanut butter was my favourite, it was literally like drinking liquid peanut butter, but 10 times better, which I never knew was possible. It had the right amount of saltiness and tiny pieces of peanuts that a good peanut butter does. It was everything I expected, and more. The salted caramel one was pretty good too, but I’d pick peanut butter in a heartbeat.

Top: After Burner | Beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapeños, chipotle mayo – $9.50
Bottom: 8bit with Cheese | Beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, 8bit sauce – $8.50
8bit with Cheese – $8.50

I went for the original 8bit with cheese, without tomato though (I hate them). It was a decent burger, the beef pattie was a bit dry, nothing that couldn’t be helped by the sauce, and the bun was a regular bun, instead of a brioche that every other burger place seems to be using, which makes it a lot healthier obviously (LOL jokes). The cheese melted nicely over the pattie, and the lettuce was just regular lettuce, pickles were okay, and all in all, it was pretty good. But it wasn’t amazing, it didn’t make me want to plan my next visit down there immediately. I mean, it was above average, it just wasn’t wow. Oh btw, love the little boxes these come in, super convenient and stops the sauce from dripping everywhere!

My friend enjoyed her After Burner too, she did say, however, that it was a bit repetitive because it had similar ingredients as the Chilli Cheese Fries.
Chilli Cheese Fries | Beer battered fries, chilli beef, cheese sauce, jalapeños, spring onions – $7.50
Onto these fries, they were definitely something else. Chilli cheese fries is something that I’ve constantly heard being talked about in American TV shows, but have never actually tried before, so this is pretty great for my first experience I reckon. Although it was a bit lukewarm, I think that’s partially my fault for taking 3740137846193 photos before we got around to eating them.
Crispy Onion Rings | Beer battered onion rings, BBQ sauce (large) – $5
We spent 5 minutes deciding whether we should get the small or large onion rings, and I’m so glad we chose large. These were amazing, the beer batter was extremely crunchy, and the onion itself wasn’t too pungent, but provided a nice hint of onion-ness, if that makes sense. They stayed crispy even after they got cold, something that the fries need to learn from. I think the BBQ sauce was made in the house, it reminded me of a mix between oyster and Worcestershire sauce, but thinner in consistency, it paired perfectly with the onion rings.

I was pretty happy with 8bit overall, it was definitely above average, from the decor, to the ambience, and most importantly, the food. Try going there at an awkward time like we did, if you don’t want to wait around for seats. There are still a couple more burgers that I want to try from 8bit, Golden Axe and 1 Up Mushroom in particular, I’ve heard some amazing things about both of those. So yeh, I will definitely revisit this place sometime soon hopefully.

How to get there:

8bit is a short 5-10 minutes walk from Footscray station, which is on the Williamstown and Sydenham train line.

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