NOTD | China Glaze Fancy Pants and Ray-Diant, Essence the Huntsman

Hey! So I think I need to upload these more often, because I’m getting a backlog already LOL 😦
This time I picked out Fancy Pants by China Glaze, a lovely denim blue with a bit of a purple shimmer added through it, which isn’t all that noticeable in photos, but I promise it’s there in person! The formula was pretty good, after the first coat it was super streaky, I thought I’d need at least three coats, but surprisingly, it evened itself nicely after the second coat! 
On my ring finger, I decided to use Ray-Diant, it was released in possibly one of the most unique collections from China Glaze, although now there seems to be quite a few dupes. Ray-Diant is a duochrome glitter polish, it changes colour from yellow to green, the duochrome effect isn’t all that obvious, but it’s definitely there. However, I chose to only use one coat of Ray-Diant with the Essence polish I used last time on top, the Huntsman, because I thought the yellow and green glitters would clash with Fancy Pants. Ray-Diant does dry to a slightly bumpy somewhat matte finish, but it’s nothing a good thick top coat wouldn’t fix!
2 coats of Fancy pants with topcoat;
1 coat of Huntsman over 1 coat of Ray-Diant with topcoat

Where to buy:

I purchase all my China Glaze polishes from eBay, and Essence polishes from Priceline.

NOTD | China Glaze Son of a Peach and Highlight of My Summer

Left: Highlight of My Summer
Right: Son of a Peach

After spending a month in the cold winter weather back in China, the first thing I wanted to do when I was back in Melbourne was to paint my nails a nice and bright colour for summer. Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick out a single colour, so yeh, two colours it is 😀

Highlight of My Summer and Son of a Peach are both from the 2013 Summer collection from China Glaze from my memory, and I may or may not have bought both of these just for the name LOL. Neons are known for its horrendous formula, and these two were no exception.

Highlight of My Summer – direct sunlight

Highlight of My Summer isn’t exactly a neon, it’s just a really bright mint green. I love the colour, and it’s especially great in the warmer weather, because it makes your hand look tanner. But the formula, oh dear Lord, the formula is so bad. I used 4 coats, along with my regular topcoat, to get a reasonably even coverage. Layering it over white may have helped, but I never do that for any neons.

Son of a Peach – Direct Sunlight

Son of a Peach’s formula was slightly better, I used 3 coats I think. As we all know, neons are extremely hard to photograph, you’ll just have to take my word for this, it is definitely a neon peach! This is quite similar to Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze, but slightly more peachy than orange – yes that’s different enough for me to own them both. Again, great colour for Summer, but horrible formula 😦

Do you paint your nails different colours depending on the weather? I don’t usually but this was a special case haha! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂