NOTD | Essence Where is the Party?

I picked out another duochrome to wear this time, and it’s another realllllllly old polish. Back when Essence had their old packaging still, maybe a couple years back?
2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

Where is the Party? had a super strong duochrome, is it green? Is it purple? NO ONE KNOWS.

2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

See, it all depends on the angle of your nails. I’ve heard that if you have flatter nails the duochrome won’t show up well, but yeh, it’s definitely one of the more duochrome-y polishes I’ve tried!

2 Coats of Where is the Party? with Topcoat in the Shade

The formula was okay on this one, but because it is a chrome finish, brushstrokes were hard to avoid. Also, I’ve only had this on my nails for three days, and it’s chipped quite a bit already, which is a first for me. But maybe my topcoat is getting old? I’ll get back to you on that one!

Where to buy:

Essence can be found in some Priceline and Target, call up the stores to double check if they stock it!

NOTD | China Glaze Fancy Pants and Ray-Diant, Essence the Huntsman

Hey! So I think I need to upload these more often, because I’m getting a backlog already LOL 😦
This time I picked out Fancy Pants by China Glaze, a lovely denim blue with a bit of a purple shimmer added through it, which isn’t all that noticeable in photos, but I promise it’s there in person! The formula was pretty good, after the first coat it was super streaky, I thought I’d need at least three coats, but surprisingly, it evened itself nicely after the second coat! 
On my ring finger, I decided to use Ray-Diant, it was released in possibly one of the most unique collections from China Glaze, although now there seems to be quite a few dupes. Ray-Diant is a duochrome glitter polish, it changes colour from yellow to green, the duochrome effect isn’t all that obvious, but it’s definitely there. However, I chose to only use one coat of Ray-Diant with the Essence polish I used last time on top, the Huntsman, because I thought the yellow and green glitters would clash with Fancy Pants. Ray-Diant does dry to a slightly bumpy somewhat matte finish, but it’s nothing a good thick top coat wouldn’t fix!
2 coats of Fancy pants with topcoat;
1 coat of Huntsman over 1 coat of Ray-Diant with topcoat

Where to buy:

I purchase all my China Glaze polishes from eBay, and Essence polishes from Priceline.

NOTD | Essence Modern Romance and The Huntsman

I think every girl went through a period in their life where they absolutely despised the colour pink, we can get all deep and talk about gender stereotypes, sexism, feminism and whatnot, but come on, this is just a post about a couple of nail polishes, and there’s no need to get all serious about nothing. But yeh, it wasn’t until maybe three or four years ago that I started liking pink, and I’ve slowly accumulated quite a large collection of pink accessories.

Modern Romance though, is quite a subtle, peachy, soft nude-esque pink, that I think a lot of people will enjoy, regardless of their feelings towards pink. I had my first day of work, so I wanted to go with a colour that’s office appropriate, but still pretty on the nails. The formula was a bit hard to work with, but 3 coats gave a decent coverage, two would do if you don’t mind VNL. 
A little bit of glitter never killed anyone, so I decided to add one layer of Huntsman on top. Huntsman consists of a variety of gold glitters, hexagon, micro glitter, as well as some flakes, but they’re a lot harder to come by. I think the coverage was quite decent, but I did have to dab a little to distribute the glitter evenly. This is a polish from the Snow White collection and I’m so happy I’ve finally used it!
1 layer of Huntsman over 3 layers of Modern Romance
Where to buy:
Essence can be found in some Priceline and Target, call up the stores to double check if they store it!