Bon Chicken & Beer

Instead of me whining about how hard law school has been for the hundredth time, let’s just get onto the review.

Bon Chicken & Beer is a new eatery on Kingsway, there are already some great Korean restaurants in the area, however, none of them specialise in Korean fried chicken, something that I crave from time to time.

The restaurant was quite small, but the service was friendly and we were sat down promptly.


Complimentary salad

Instead of the usual banchan, salad and pickles were served alongside the fried chicken. The salad was kind of like a coleslaw, and had plenty of spicy mayo on top.


Pickled radish

The pickled radish was very refreshing, and did help to prevent the other dishes from being too cloyingly heavy.


Kimchi Pancake – $14.00

We started off with a classic, kimchi pancake. The kimchi pancake was not as crispy as I like, however, this is probably due to the amount of kimchi that was in the dough, and the fact that it’s not overly oily, like my favourite rendition of the dish from Joomak. The sauce in the middle was very salty though, you only need the tiniest bit for some extra flavour.


Tteobokki – $15.00

Another crowd favourite is the tteobokki. For those of you unfamiliar with the dish, it’s basically cylinder shaped rice cake stir fried in a sweet and spicy sauce with vegetables, fish cake, and some ramen thrown into the mix. Although nothing out of the ordinary, this was very comforting to nibble on.


Half & Half Chicken: Sweet Chilli and Soy Garlic – $33.00

For those of you who are as indecisive as me when it comes to ordering, the half and half is such a God send. The chicken had a super crispy batter which I loved, and my favourite out of the two was the soy garlic, it had the perfect balance of flavour, and the chicken was extremely tender. The sweet chilli was great too, however, there a little too much sauce for my liking.6Although Bon Chicken & Beer opened not too long ago, it was already pretty busy, clearly people can never say no to fried chicken on a cold Winter night. If you’re wanting to try some chicken that’s not from Gami, then Bon might be where you should head to next, some of my friends actually prefer the chicken at Bon better, if that’s any indication.

How to get there:
Bon Chicken & Beer is located on Kingsway in Glen Waverley, just 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley station.

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Dainty Sichuan

The chilly weather in Melbourne right now calls for food that warms up the soul, and Sichuan food, with its ample use of chilli and spices, fulfils that requirement perfectly, hence why we headed to Dainty Sichuan for a family dinner one night.

Spicy Beef Heart and Tongue Slices – $17.80

Wow this translation really does not make the dish sound that appetising does it? This is a classic cold dish of Sichuan, it’s basically a mix of cold cuts – beef lungs and tongues – drenched in a dressing with chilli oil, peppercorns, and a bunch of other spices that gives it a unique lip-tingling spicy flavour.

Cumin Lamb Slices – $28.80

My love for cumin continues, and this timeless combination of lamb and cumin tasted amazing as per usual. The addition of garlic shoots was a pleasant surprise, and the flavour profiles worked in harmony.

Egg and Beef Soup – $15.80

My grandma always needs a soup with a meal, although Dainty Sichuan did not have a large selection, we ended up picking the egg and beef soup. This was nothing memorable, but the soup did have a nice non-MSG flavour.

Pork Threads with Teatree Mushrooms – $26.80

We got our share of vegetables of the night through the teatree mushrooms with pork strips. Teatree mushroom grows in the higher mountains of the Sichuan province, and is one of the many different types of fungus from that region. This dish went really well with the rice, and was a nice change after some of the heavier dishes.

Hot and Spicy Fish Slices – $29.80

Another traditional Sichuan dish, the hot and spicy fish slices came out in a large copper pot, with the oil splattering and the chilli aroma was so tentalising. The fish slices were extremely tender, and although scary looking, this dish wasn’t overly spicy!

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes we tried at Dainty Sichuan, and my uncle and aunty, who came for a visit from China, said that they couldn’t even find Sichuan food this authentic in their city, which highlighted the high quality of both the cooking and the produce even more for me.

If you’re a fan of Sichuan food, or just foods that’s spicy in general, definitely head down to Dainty Sichuan for an authentic Sichuan food experience.

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Meat in the Middle

The Battle of Troy w/ Extra Pita Bread – $35.00 + $2.00
It’s hard to keep up with the ever changing restaurant scene on Kingsway, being such a busy strip, it doesn’t take long for foodies to decide whether a restaurant is a keeper or not. Meat in the Middle joined the lineup a little over four months ago, and I’ve already seen plenty of photos of their burgers and souvlakis on social media, which meant it was time that I gave it a go myself.

The three of us opted for the biggest platter they had on offer, the Battle of Troy. It had the whole package – char-grilled pork, lamb and chicken; fries; Greek salad; pita bread (we did add an extra one for two dollars); and some good ol’ tzatziki.

Although nothing out of the ordinary, it was a rather satisfying meal. Wrap some meat of your choice, fries and tzatziki up with the soft and pillowy pita bread, and each mouthful was full of flavour.

The meat was well cooked, the fries were super crispy, and really, although not necessarily mind-blowingly good, it definitely sat pretty high on the value for money chart.

The Greek salad was again, up to standard, with fresh ingredients, and a good amount of dressing and feta to go with it.

Service was a bit weird at Meat in the Middle, we asked the waiter if we were given the extra pita bread just to double check, and he clearly had no idea of the answer. After going back to the open kitchen, he came back and told us that there was indeed an extra pita bread, but he will give us one on the house – not in a friendly way, but in a tone that made it sound like we were trying to get extra food for free or something. The free pita bread never made its way onto our table, and this encounter left us feeling a little strange, to say the least.

Service aside, Meat in the Middle does serve up some decent Greek food, but I’ve heard that their burgers aren’t as great, never fear, Yo My Goodness is merely two minutes away if you’re in need for some good burgers.

How to get there:
Meat in the Middle is located on Kingsway, a short five minutes walk away from Glen Waverley station.

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Yunnan cuisine is quite hard to come by in Melbourne, so when we spotted Ricy-Boat one night at Glen Waverley, even though we planned dinner else where, we decided to pop by to try it out.
Sichuan Fish and Pickled Mustard Rice Noodle – $9.80
I’m so glad we decided to just try one bowl of rice noodles between the two of us. It’s hard for me to find any positives about this dish at all. The soup lacked any body, full of MSG, and way too salty. The fish was overcooked – stingy amount was given too. And the rice noodle was okay I guess, not perfectly bouncy but okay to eat.
I can totally see why Ricy-Boat remained quite empty throughout the night on the busy strip, I mean, it’s one thing for a restaurant to be authentic, and a whole other thing to be enjoyable, and unfortunately, Ricy-Boat was netiher of these things.
How to get there:
Ricy-Boat is located on Coleman Parade, a short five to ten minutes walk from Glen Waverley station.

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Hong Kong Dim Sum

Unlike your usual Yum Cha with the cart ladies, Hong Kong Dim Sum provides table service. You’re given a card with all the menu items, and they actually bring out to you. Although saying service is probably a bit of an exaggeration, since food were pretty much just placed on our table without a word.

Chinese Chives Dumplings (3 pieces) – $3.80

A lot of people look at me funny when I tell them chives are my favourite vegetables, since it’s mostly used as a herb in Western cuisines. My mum makes the best chives dumplings, and that’s why it has a special place in my heart. Nostalgia aside, these dumplings weren’t all that great, mainly because the skin was a bit gluggy, and the filling of chives and prawns was pretty standard.

Combination Congee – $7.30

We strayed away from our usual order of preserved egg and pork congee, and went for the combination instead. I loved the glutinous congee, the rice have all been cooked so that they become kind of sticky, and required minimal chewing. The congee had lots of bits and pieces in it too – pork skin, fish cake, chicken and peanut, and altogether, it was comfort food at its best.

Scallop Dumplings (3 pieces) – $4.20

Some more dumplings, just ’cause. These were quite unmemorable too, the skin was gluggy just like the chives one, and the filling had a good amount of scallops, so at least there’s that I guess.

Pork Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce – $3.80

Of course we couldn’t go past the pork spare ribs, tender and juicy, the ribs were cooked just the way I like them.

Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce – $3.80

And here’s the obligatory chicken feet. A thing that was quite interesting to me is that both the pork spare ribs and chicken feet are said to be in black bean sauce, but the two sauces tasted distictively different to me. The chicken feet one definitely had a lot more garlic in it.

Custard Egg Bun – $3.80

To end things on a sweet note, we ordered these big fluffy custard egg buns. The custard was nice and hot, and gave me a good sugar hit to start my day.

Hong Kong Dim Sum offered nothing out of the ordinary, but I guess if you don’t enjoy eating Yum Cha with trolleys travelling around you, then this is a good alternative. Especially if you’re one of those people that feel bad when you don’t order from someone’s trolley, this definitely saves you the guilt trip.

How to get there:
Hong Kong Dim Sum is located on Kingsway, 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley station.

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Kimchi Hut

Another cold winter night, another Korean meal. What’s new? I used to have tuition in the building next to Kimchi Hut in 2010, re-visiting the restaurant just reminds me of how quickly time passes.


There were five banchans on offer when we visited: coleslaw, rice cake, kimchi, spicy bean curd, and garlic bolt. Our favourites were the spicy bean curd, which was nice and chewy; and the garlic bolt, it was quite uncommon and it’s one of my favourite vegetables!

Stir Fried Kimchi and Pork with Tofu – $25.00

Kimchi is my recent obsession, so ordering this was a no brainer. Kimchi and pork is such a great combination, both in terms of flavour and texture. Spiciness of the kimchi compliments the umami of the pork, and the tenderness of the pork contrasted brilliantly with the crunchy kimchi. While we were eating, the chef/owner (?) came over and told us to put some of the stir fry on top of the tofu and eat it that way, which is pretty genius imo, the silky tofu tones down the strong flavours just down a notch.

Pork, Kimchi and Bean Curd Clay Pot Soup – $16.50

Yes yes I know, this essentially has the same ingredients as the stir fry, I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m obsessed! Nonetheless, the soup was quite different from the stir fry. The soup had a nice depth of flavour, from the acidity of the kimchi to the porkiness of the pork (LOL).

I love how that although these claypots make it seem like there isn’t much to the dish, the actually serving size and content always end up being a pleasant surprise. The huge chunks of bean curd was very smooth, and we slurped up every last bit of it!

Although it may not seem like it from its exterior, the dishes that are served inside Kimchi Hut is definitely above par. Add some of the friendliest service from the happy waiters, especially the chef/owner into the mix, Kimchi Hut will always have a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to return for some more of their soups!

How to get there:
Kimchi Hut is located on Coleman Parade, a five to ten minutes walk from Glen Waverley Station.

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Yo My Goodness

I think everyone in the east side has been praying for some good burgers, I mean, you can only travel all the way to the city, or the other side of town so many times. And that prayer was finally answered when Yo My Goodness opened up in May this year,  adding to the ever changing food scene on Kingsway.

What originated as another self serve frozen yoghurt bar has ventured out to become a host of burgers, fries and shakes just under two months ago, and seriously, I am so glad that they did!

Two Bit Lemon Tart – $7.50

There was a plethora of shake choices, and I went for a tart one because a chocolate based one would be over indulgent – yes, I was still being health conscious although we were at a burger joint LOL. The tartness of the lemon syrup definitely did compliment my meal, but it did become a bit cloying towards the end.

Winner Winner – $13.00

My friend and I both happened to be craving chicken burgers on the day, she went for the classic chicken schnitzel while I went for the Southern fried chicken.  She loved hers because the chicken wasn’t dry, and there was plenty of sauce, she likes her burgers saucy 😉

The Bergerk – $12.00

My burger was probably on the mellow side of things, I forgot to ask for it without tomato, but that’s okay I just took it out yay, problem solved. The chicken had a nice herb batter and the chipotle mayo was quite punchy in flavour. The sesame studded brioche bun held its shape well, and the cardboard casing that the burgers came in made it really easy to eat! The name of this burger though, it was so hard for me to order without laughing LOL.

Fetta Fetish Fries – $7.00

One of my friend who visited YOMG before said that these fries were better than Jimmy Grants, so the bar was set pretty darn high. Did these fries deliver? I actually do have to agree my friend, there was plenty of feta, and the dukkah mix was tentalising too. The spring onions on top brought a hint of freshness to the fries. My friend didn’t enjoy these as much as I did though, because she found the feta too salty.

Who knew a frozen yoghurt bar could serve up some great burgers, shakes and (most importantly) fries too? Friendly service, bustling atmosphere, it pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. The only downside is that seating is quite limited, and there may be a wait if you go during peak times, that just means they gotta keep on expanding right?

How to get there:
Yo My Goodness is located on Kingsway, 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley Train Station.

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