LAW SCHOOL | dobby is a free elf.

At last, I am officially done with first semester of JD, exams and all. Results don’t come out for another couple of weeks, so at least I can absorb myself in some ignorant bliss for the time being.
I don’t think I’m ready for a blog post dissecting the last four months of my life just yet, but I’m hoping to get one out during the holidays after some self-reflection! These holidays are going to be pretty chill over all though, I’m going to catch up with some friends that I have not seen in way too long, get back into things I enjoy but just didn’t have time for, blogging for one, brunch for another.

I am going to try and do something I’ve never done before, 30 posts in 30 days. I have got some serious backlog going on, and I figured this is probably the best chance I have of catching up with that, and if it doesn’t happen, then this post shall hold me accountable. Be excited for the upcoming month, I know I am!


LAW SCHOOL | here’s to the first of many.


It’s happening, I’m going to start blogging about law school, because 241298379 pages of reading and 12 hours of class every week for the past three month isn’t consuming enough of my life.

So I had my first law exam today (yesterday technically), and let’s just say, it was definitely an experience. I’ve never spent so long studying for an exam, and never feared failing more. But hey, what’s done is done. What did I want to talk about in this post again? Oh yeh, how it all doesn’t really matter, but kind of really does.

It’s easy to say that you should place little importance on your marks, since you know, you’re not defined by a number, focus on the big picture, and all the other wise sentiments being thrown around. After all, it is only a two-hour exam worth 70% of my mark in one subject, out of 24 subjects in the entire course, so percentage wise, it’s only worth around 3% of my overall mark, but hey, if everyone could think about things rationally in terms of how much they actually matter in the grand scheme of things, then what good would learning curves and reflections be.

But it is true, a mark on an exam never will define you as a person, however, it certainly does affect you in many other respects. For me personally, law school is certainly the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, it might not the case for everyone, but it definitely is a common consensus amongst many. And to come out of an exam feeling like I’ve done even remotely okay makes me so happy, because I’ve conquered the challenge of sitting the gruesome exam already, regardless of what my mark is. I think that’s sort of easier to put into perspective than pushing the idea of “marks don’t matter because they shouldn’t”.

So here’s my take on exams, study for it, give it your all, and then maybe marks won’t matter. But hey, what do I know, I’m only one exam into this whole thing, maybe by the end of the three years I’d read this post and laugh at myself for being so young, innocent and naive, but that would just prove my point on the learning curve thing, so at least I got that right. Here’s to hoping.