PHOTO DIARY | Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Tour Live in Melbourne

You know how sometimes, you go to a concert, and it completely changes your perspective on the artist or band? This is definitely the case with Imagine Dragons. I mean, I always did like them, Demons and Radioactive, being two of their most well-known songs, are some of my favourite songs too. But the sheer amount of energy each member exemplified throughout the concert seriously made me fall in love with the band.


I always knew how much music could mean to someone, even though I was never one of those people. But yeh, Imagine Dragons is definitely something special. They changed my opinion about some of the songs that I didn’t really like all that much before the concert, Polaroid for example (no hate please). I am sad that they didn’t performs Dreams, Second Chance, and my absolute favourite song of theirs – America. But oh well, win some lose some right?



The crowd was great too, or maybe because I was second row hehe. Dan did come off stage for a bit, and literally everyone lost their shit. I TOUCHED HIS ABS OMG CANNOT STOP FANGIRLING. Seriously though, I may sound like I have my shit together now (not really), but all I could do was fangirl during the entire concert. Dan’s just so full of energy, and the song themselves really got the crowd going.


They’ve only released two albums, but to be honest, there’s not one song that I don’t like. Sure, there’s some I enjoy more than others, but they all have something special. Some of the lyrics though, really resonates with me.



This is one of those concerts that as it finishes, you start appreciating the band so much more, and you know you’ll be at the front row when they return. I seriously can’t wait until they release a new album, and comes back to Melbourne again!



If you haven’t listened to Imagine Dragons, give it a go, some of their songs do take a few rounds for you to get into it, but once you do, trust me, you won’t be able to stop. And if you’re going to a show during their Smoke + Mirrors tour, you’re gonna have an absolute blast!

BOOK OR MOVIE | The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

I’ve been seeing lots of trailers and posters for The DUFF (good online marketing there, especially on Facebook), but didn’t know it was based a book until I joined Goodreads. A lot of movies nowadays are based on books, or comics, which are books essentially (Marvel I’m looking at you), and so with that comes the question, which one is better, the movie or the book? I’ve decided to make this a new series on the blog, since it’s like, two reviews rolled into one, talk about efficiency am I right? ^______^

So, these types of reviews are probably flooded with spoilers, so if that’s not your cup of tea, STOP READING NOW OR YOU’RE GONNA HATE ME FOREVER.
I did read the book first, and although I don’t really wanna admit it, I did enjoy it. It’s kind of predictable, but the language was quite sharp at times, and it was definitely a fast-paced entertaining read.
Okay, let’s talk details.
Our protagonist, Bianca, she’s funny, smart and cynical – although this is not really demonstrated well, apart from the fact that her best friend keeps on emphasising it. She’s not the prettiest girl, but that doesn’t really bother her. Things aren’t going well with her family, and she decides that sleeping with the infamous school man-whore Wesley Rush would be a good distraction – what?
I kind of get Bianca in a way, we’ve all made irrational decisions at times, and come to regret it later. Bianca is just kind of hypocritical I guess, like a lot of teenagers out there. At the time, she can be really selfish. With both her friends and her family issues, she did not deal with them well at all. In fact, for the most part, she just avoided the problems altogether.

We don’t know much about Wesley Rush, since this is a first-person narrative, with Bianca being the narrator. Okay that’s a lie, we know that he’s tall, dark and handsome. And a massive dick at times. Oh, and he’s a man-whore, Bianca’s words not mine. He started off as Bianca’s sex toy – again, her words not mine – but because he was the only person that was aware of Bianca’s problems, he started caring about her, a lot more than they both thought was possible at the beginning I think.

Bianca’s friendship with Casey and Jessica, they had an interesting dynamic, although at parts of the books I was exasperated, but it was reasonably realistic.

Okay I think that’s all I’m going to say about the book, hopefully I didn’t give away too much!

I watched the movie a few days after I read book, so it was still fresh in my mind.

The casting was a bit off imo, and while Mae Whitman’s portrayal of Bianca was funny in its own rights, it was very different from the book. In fact, apart from the characters’ names and the title, the movie’s nothing like the book.

I understand that the movie couldn’t be as graphic as the book, considering its target audience is probably young adults, and if the movie were to be rated R18+, or even MA15+, it would lose a large chunk of viewers. But that doesn’t mean it had to neglect the storyline altogether, and pretty much write up an entirely new screenplay, which was the case here.

If the book plot seemed unoriginal, the movie version is literally based on a formula that’s been seen again and again, with all the clichés thrown in too. Unpopular girl crushes on guitar playing boy, seeks help from popular jock for a makeover and in return, tutors popular jock so that he can stay in the football team. Bitchy girlfriend of popular jock gets jealous and sabotages unpopular girl, bluhbluhbluh, popular jock declares his love for unpopular girl at a school dance, THE END. Sound familiar? Mmmmm, I think so.

It may sound like I hated the movie, but if I didn’t know it was supposedly based on a book I’d definitely like it a lot better. None of the characters were similar enough to the book version for me to even comparing them, for example, book Bianca never blamed Jess and Casey for “making” her their DUFF, and even after Wesley told her that she could easily find a new group of friends and not be seen as the DUFF anymore, she saw their friendship’s worth as much more than that, an idea that was completely obliterated in the movie.

The movie also ignored the more serious side of the book, with Bianca and Wesley’s family problems, which I thought was the key point to the development of their relationship.

So the million dollar question remains, the book or the movie? I’m going to pick the book for this one. That being said, if you’re in the mood for a light-hearted high school comedy, just don’t expect the movie to be anything like the book and you’ll love it!

NOTD | OPI The Thrill of Brazil

2 Coats with Topcoat

A classic red polish. It actually looks darker on the nails compared to inside the bottle. This was reasonably easy to apply, two coats was enough for me to get it opaque. It’s not an unique colour by any means, but if you don’t already have a neutral red in your collection, this would be a nice addition.

Where to buy:
I buy my OPI polishes from eBay mostly, from a buyer called beautyzone2007. Alternatively, Priceline and My Beauty Spot sometimes have OPI polishes for $10, although colour selection can be quite limited.

BEAUTY | Priceline 40% off Haul!

Recently Priceline had another one of their all-so-famous 40% off sales, they do these pretty regularly throughout the year I reckon, with makeup, skincare, and haircare, this time it was makeup! I went in with the intention of just picking up another bottle of makeup remover, nek minut…. here’s the damage LOL.

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz – $8.99

My friend told me great things about this makeup setting spray, so I decided to get it while it’s on sale! I’ve never tried any makeup setting sprays before, so hopefully this’ll be a good one!

Ardell 120 Demi Black – $9.99

These weren’t on sale, but I lost the last pair I had and needed to replace them haha 😦 I really like these falsies though! They add some nice volume and length without looking too cray! Always a fan of the invisible band, and they don’t weigh my natural lashes down too much!

Maybelline Master Precise Liner in Blackest Black – $8.80

These are probably my favourite liquid eyeliners from the drug store in Australia. Although I picked up a bajillion eyeliners when I was overseas, you can never have too many backups LOL. And at $8.80 they were definitely a steal!

Boujois 123 Perfect CC Cream Foundation in 33 Rose Beige– $15.00

I haven’t really had a lot of experience with CC cream, but have heard great things about this one! When I swatched it on my hand in the store, it felt quite light weight. I don’t know if the colour will actually match me, since the lightest shade they had left was 33 rose beige, so yeh, hope it matches! My friend said this gives the same amount of coverage as her L’Oreal True Match.

L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara in Black – $15.60

Haven’t heard much about this mascara, but the brush looked pretty interesting, so I decided to pick it up! I forgot whether I picked the waterproof formula or just the normal one 😦

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover – $10.89

I recently started using the Tarte Light, Camera and Flashes Mascara, and oh dear God it’s waterproof for realz. My regular makeup remover just won’t do the job. After some googling, I found two makeup remover that’s great for waterproof mascara, Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover, and its drug store counterpart – the one I picked up, because I wasn’t about to go ahead and spend $50 on a makeup remover haha. I have been using this and am super happy with the result! It does leave a little bit of an oily residue, but it’s nothing a cleanser can’t get rid off!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – $12.99

This is my everyday makeup remover. I don’t understand the science behind micellar water, but I’m so glad that it’s a thing now! I have tried Bioderma before, and to me, these two give identical results. The Garnier one is definitely a lot more wallet-friendly, being about a third of the price.

Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector – $16.99

I have been using Benefit Porefessional as my primer since I started using foundation, and have tried a sample of the Garnier Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector (Gosh that’s a mouthful), it had a very similar texture to Porefessional, both being silicone based I believe. Basically, it makes your skin feel super smooth and matte, and hides any pores, fine lines, scars, and all that shabam. So yeh, at half the price of Porefessional, why the hell not?! Oh yeh, this wasn’t even on sale, I was just on a roll.

L’Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow Monos in 201 Nude – $12.00

I couldn’t find a link to this on the Priceline website o.o But yeh, just a nude metallic-y eyeshadow! For my everyday makeup, I always go for an all over the lid colour, and I usually go for greys because earthy tones don’t look great on me unless I spend some serious time blending, but yeh, this one’s kind of taupe-y and had a nice sparkle when swatched yay 🙂

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Mi-a-mee, Ro-ma, Buda-pash – $6.00

Last but not least, lip products yay! I have been hearing some great things about these matte lip creams from Australis, and I gotta say, I’m so happy to see a brand that is exclusive to Australia coming out with so many affordable products that is great quality too! AC On Tour I’m gonna get my hands on you LOL. I picked up three colours, Mi-a-mee – peachy salmon-y pink, Ro-ma – light blue-toned pink, and Buda-pash – dark brick red. I’m so excited to try out Buda-pash now that it’s finally cooling down in Melbourne!

I’m happy with all the products I picked up this time round, sometimes it can get kind of overwhelming because of the amount of people in the stores and all those empty racks in Priceline, but yeh, let it be known that I hardly ever buy new makeup – lip products and nail polish aside, my two weaknesses haha – so yeh, gotta make the most out of these sales!

Did anyone else pick up some great things at the sale? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

How to Get Back into Reading!

Back in the days, I used to read a shit ton of books (mainly Chinese LOL), but yeh, it’s definitely a hobby that I just forgot about, or, idk, didn’t have time for? Which is bullshit since you know, I have time to procrastinate by watching YouTube videos until ungodly hours on a daily basis, or watch Friends from the beginning to end for the 3408173712462th time. ANYWAY! So start of this year, I got back into the habit of reading yay! I haven’t been reading that many books just because you know, the need to ease into things and all, but I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job! So just thought I’d share a few tips on how to get back into reading!

Okay, here goes the list.

1. Read on your commute to work/uni/school.


Don’t if you’re driving, DUH. But yeh, if you’re catching any form of public transport, instead of eavesdropping on the people sitting behind you, why not pick up a book? People’ll even think you’re intellectual and all, a bonus I’d say.


2. Download e-books onto your phone/tablet/kindle.

I know that a big reason that I don’t read is because I can’t be bothered to carry one around with me. Books are heavy alright, it’s a legitimate excuse. I haven’t invested money into buying a kindle yet, I might if this whole reading thing actually sticks, but yeh, for the past few months, I’ve just been reading on my phone – yes, phone, I know, it’s bad for my eyes, oh well.
3. Listen to audiobooks.


Audiobooks worked wonders for a lot of people I hear, but it doesn’t really work for me, because um, I kind of just fall asleep? And a lot of the times, I actually hate the narrator’s voice so much that it puts me off the book – The Fault in Our Stars I’m looking at you. I usually only listen to audiobooks for books I’ve read already, I’ve been listening to Harry Potter lately, and yay for Jim Dale!
4. Read short books that you can finish in one sitting, or a collection of short stories even!

There’s no point picking up a 384712329 pages deep and philosophical book, because let’s be real, you’re never going to finish it. Sometimes, if a book is too long and it doesn’t interest you right away, it’s hard to continue reading. It might be amazing after the first hundred pages but you’ll never find out! That’s why books that are shorter in length are better when you’re just dipping your toes into reading, they’re usually a lot more fast-paced, and the storylines are happening a lot faster because of the sheer number of pages the author has to tell the story within. Same goes for short stories, they can usually be finished under half an hour, and yeh, you’ll finish it before you even realise!

5. Join Goodreads so you have friends to read with.

I’m new to this one as well. Basically, Goodreads is the iMDb of books. You can read people’s reviews, join groups, make friends, all that fun stuff. I love that you can categorise your books onto shelves, and update your progress as you’re reading a book. Idk, the sense of accomplishment is just so real when you click on that little button that says “I’ve finished this book”! There are also a bunch of other cool stuff Goodreads offers, like interviews with authors and whatnot, I’m still discovering its features as we speak. Oh yeh, add me while you’re at it, and feel free to laugh at how little friends I have hahahaha 😦

6. Open a book and start reading NOW. 

Because better late than never, a journey with a thousand miles begins with a single step, if you never try you’ll never know, and all dem other good ol’ clichés. Chances are, if you managed to read through all my rambling, you’ve got the patience to do some real reading already.

Happy reading!

Etsy Night Out

Ah Fitzroy

A little over a week ago, Etsy Australia hosted their first Christmas pop up market. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is like eBay, but for mostly handmade or vintage and unique things. I personally have only bought frankens (home-made nail polish) and a Harry Potter sticker thing for my laptop (which I lost T_T) there, but I decided to go there and see some of the stores in person, since you know, it’s different when you can actually have a closer look at things before you buy them.

Urban Cartel

How freaking adorable is this little cloud trinket dish?! I definitely would want things like once I get my own place (which is never ’cause I suck at saving), but for now, if I get cute things like this, I know I’ll just end up stacking them in the corner of my room and they will never see the light of day.

Surfing Sloth

These were some wacky cards, they were $5 each I think, I wanted to buy some but there were too many to choose from LOL #firstworldproblems

Shabana Jacobson

This looks super cool right?! But $180 is a bit out of my budget at the moment.

OTAA – I can’t even omg.
OTAA – Harvey’s ties


OTAA – Mike’s ties

Seriously, after looking at these, how can any guy just buy ties from a store?! There were literally hundreds of choices, next time I need a present idea, I’ll definitely have a look at OTAA!

Photobooth fun

There was also a photo booth there, with some fun Christmas props for you to play around with, the photo was emailed directly, yay for saving paper! 😀

Rose Street Artist’s Market

This was a fun market, but a lot of things was out of my price range unfortunately. I didn’t end up purchasing anything, but I still had a good time browsing around. Etsy has definitely grown rapidly over the last couple of years, I will try to venture out and buy something exciting next time, possibly from one of the 35 stalls that attended the first ever Etsy Night Out.

Details: Etsy Night Out