NOTD | OPI Bubble Bath

4 Coats of OPI Bubble Bath + Topcoat

Here’s a nude you can send your man #WasteHisTime2016. I really don’t get how that hashtag blew up, but anyway, back to polish. This is probably the closest thing I’ve found to a pinky nude for my skin tone, just for reference, I’m a NC15. But of course, nothing’s perfect. And the downfall of this gorgeous nude – it’s OPI Bubble Bath btw – is its formula. It was just so damn sheer, and not in an even way either, which meant I had to apply four coats.

Nail polish story time. Apparently back in the days Bubble Bath was more white, in a milky off white kind of way, but it has since transformed into this pale pink/nude colour. It was a big controversy at the time, and people were mad. The Polish Addict made a comparison post here.

Where to buy:
I purchase my OPI polishes on eBay usually, my two favourite sellers are beautyzone2007 and enchantedbeautyspot.

NOTD | OPI The Thrill of Brazil

2 Coats with Topcoat

A classic red polish. It actually looks darker on the nails compared to inside the bottle. This was reasonably easy to apply, two coats was enough for me to get it opaque. It’s not an unique colour by any means, but if you don’t already have a neutral red in your collection, this would be a nice addition.

Where to buy:
I buy my OPI polishes from eBay mostly, from a buyer called beautyzone2007. Alternatively, Priceline and My Beauty Spot sometimes have OPI polishes for $10, although colour selection can be quite limited.