STORY TIME | say no to ticket scalping.

So here I am, day one of SWOTVAC, 11 days before my first exam in JD, probably not the best time to be writing up a blog post, but hey, rules aren’t important, I’m not type A (both lies).

Coldplay is coming to Melbourne in December, probably one of the best news I’ve heard all year. Naturally, I rounded up my friends who I went to the 2012 Coldplay concert with, to relive our memories, and let Chris Martin serenade us once more with his beautiful voice.

After consulting Google, I found out that there were two pre-sales, and the general sale. The AMEX pre-sale was out of the question, but Live Nation’s one was definitely where I was going to get those tickets, or so I thought. Long and behold, comes Thursday 26 April, the day of the pre-sale. I was in class, unfortunately, which meant I was 3 minutes late to the party, and all Gold General Admission tickets were sold out. No biggie, I’ll just grab them at the general sale, I told myself.

Today is the day. Learning from my mistake last time, I was on the Ticketmaster page from 1.50pm (general sale starts at 2pm), and there was already a countdown on the page, the kind that makes your heart race. As soon as it hit 2pm, the page refreshed itself, and I went to town with selecting the tickets, proving I’m not a robot, the whole shabam. And that’s when it happened. “Sorry, no results match your search”. I was confused, to say the least, since usually if tickets are sold out, it would just say “tickets in the category you’re searching for has been exhausted”, or something along those lines. I messaged Ticketmaster straight away, for some clarification, and while I was on their Facebook page, I saw that under the photo promoting the concert, a bunch of other people seemed to be experiencing the same problem. So I thought to myself, maybe their server just can’t handle the traffic, all is well. So I kept refreshing, refreshing, and refreshing. That site was worse than Student Portal on timetable days, and that’s saying a lot.

Half an hour later, after receiving no response from Ticketmaster, I’ve pretty much given up and was ready to accept my fate. That’s when I realised that they have read my message, but did not reply. And that’s when shit hit the fan for me, because if that’s not bad customer service, I don’t know what is. So being the (first year) law student I am, with plenty of legal terms and jargons under my belt (due to the solid weekend of cramming), I brought up the ACCC. I’ll just attach a printscreen for this part of the story.

I didn’t attach the printscreen of FTA on purpose I swear LOL
WOW please ignore the typos, and the shockingly poor grammar, I was mad okay.

Isn’t it interesting how they replied to me one minute after I threatened to report them to the ACCC?

Anyway, clearly I wasn’t going to get a straight answer from them, but being the slightly OCD person I am, I did some research. First, I went to the Facebook event page and saw that a bunch of people were already looking to buy tickets. Furthermore, on Ticketmaster’s own Resale page, literally hundreds of ticket were up for grab, here’s the catch though, normal tickets were listed for as high as $800, and VIP packages were up to a shocking $4,600. It was the same situation on eBay, tickets were around $280 for Gold General Admission.

What does all these numbers tell us? That a large number of tickets were “sold” to people and/or corporations who planned to resell them from the start. I don’t know about you, but that made me pretty God damn angry. All other things aside, let’s just think about the fact that Ticketmaster allows individuals to resell tickets on their website, with no cap, literally two minutes after they have bought then. How is that a fair system? And that’s not even considering the fact that they may themselves be directing a large portion of tickets straight to their Resale system, in order to make a profit much higher than face value.

I’m sure you all know one of Gandhi’s most quoted quotes: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I don’t usually take that approach, because like the rest of you, I often feel like some things are just beyond my power to change. But this isn’t.

I have started a petition on, in order to raise awareness to the issue of ticket scalping, especially the role Ticketmaster plays in the process. If you have had similar experiences, or just want to help, then please please please, sign the petition, every signature, literally, actually, counts. I am planning to use the petition to show the public stance against this matter, when I make a formal complaint to ACCC, I don’t know when that will be exactly, since I have no idea how many signatures I can even get. If it hits plateau after a couple of days, so be it.

Again, please sign the petition, it literally takes two minutes to sign up to, and while you’re there, there are a number of other (more important, you might say) petitions there, which might pique your interest.

Click here to sign (here’s a fun game, how many times have I already linked the petition?). And I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress.

WORD VOMIT | insecurities and what not.

This is going to be literally just a ramble of my thoughts, because I feel like this is an issue that’s on my mind lately, for whatever reason.

What do people feel insecure about? It could be something obvious; how they look, their social status, or economic status.That’s obviously a generalisation, but basically, it’s something about themselves that they feel like is not up to a certain standard held by society. The solution may seem simple, improve yourself, particularly in areas you feel are lacking. But here lies the paradigm, people usually prefer to do things that they’re good at, leading to an improvement in that area, however, if a person is naturally bad at maths, for example, then they’re less likely to want to study maths, and therefore will stay bad with numbers forever. Again, another generalisation.

It is definitely a thing that needs to be changed systematically, and those are the hardest changes to make. As a society, we don’t want to be told we’re doing something wrong, it’s much easier to pick on the flaws of individuals. That way, only those who are “flawed” needs to change.

I can’t say that I’m not insecure about certain things about myself, but I think the important thing is to realise that whether your insecurity is actually something that matters to you, in the sense that you want to improve in that area, or if it’s simply something that everyone else considers to be important, yet it doesn’t make a single difference to you personally.

We are always trying to be a better version of ourselves, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, there is definitely a difference between personal growth, and just feeling crap about yourself constantly on something you can’t change, not so much in the actual sense, but more that it really doesn’t bother you to the extent that you are willing to do something about it.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wish I could come to some profound understanding, and suggest a solution for it all, but there really isn’t one magical solution. There are a few things, that may have been said before, but for whatever reason, are yet to be put in actions by a majority of us. And if one person that happens to be reading this find my suggestions useful, then that’s enough for me.

1. Realise that social media is a lie, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t think many of us are naive enough to believe that those rosy photoshopped images of fitness girls, or perfectly flaylay-ed, colour-themed photos of “daily essentials” are the reality that some people live in. Everyone wants the world to think that they’re living the dream life, and social media is just an outlet for that.

2. Find what makes you happy, not what society makes you think you need to be happy. Happiness is such a vague concept, and my understanding of what it is to be happy is constantly changing. What brings you true happiness though? Once you find that out, I think you’ll be a lot less harsh on yourself.

3. Understand that everyone has their own struggles. This kind of goes along with #1. No one is going to spill all their deep dark secrets and insecurities to you when you’ve just met, in fact, some people might never feel comfortable enough to share those things.

Hmm I think that’s the top three most important things, and once you’re able to change your mindset about those, it will literally change the way you perceive yourself, others, and society.

I know this is quite a sensitive topic, but that’s my two cents on it. I hope that you feel somewhat uplifted after reading this, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll try my best to help! 🙂

three months of freedom what

OMG GUYS, IT HAPPENED. I’VE FINISHED MY LAST ESSAY FOR MY UNDERGRAD YAYAYAY. Tbh I can’t really feel it yet, just because… idk it’s kind of surreal haha.

So technically I’ve got a degree under my belt. How crazy is that?! I always thought that you know, by the time you finish uni you’ll be all wise and mature and know what’s up with life and just owning it. But since then I’ve learnt that that’s probably not the case. In fact, that’s probably one of the hardest things in life, knowing what’s going on, or what’s happening next.

I feel like it’s time to get all reflective again haha, so bear with me. I think everyone had an idea of what uni would be like, and for me, I thought that I’d be able to just find a group of friends instantly and we’d hit up every party, and be having the greatest time of our lives. It wasn’t long after I started uni that I realised it’s not that easy, especially with me doing Arts – one hour tutes every week, and half the time it’s just everyone avoiding eye contact because no one knows what the tutor is talking about since no one does the readings, oh except the socialist alternatives, which I still don’t get up until this day – everyone’s just kinda chillin’ and doing their own thing. With time, I became okay with it, and then a while after that, I started loving it. I mean, uni’s a whole ‘nother thing, where you literally don’t have to give a fuck. About other people, not your study, studying is important, do your readings. But seriously, you can be whoever you want, and no one would judge you. Eating lunch by yourself? That’s cool. Rocking up in uni in PJs? I’ve done that. Wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase to classes? Go for it.

It’s not that I haven’t made friends in uni, I have (all I can picture is a little girl whining I HAVE FRIENDS I PROMISE) met some like-minded people that I catch up with from time to time, and that’s great too. Most importantly though, I think I’ve really learnt a lot about myself in the last three years, I don’t know if it’s necessarily uni that helped me in that process, or if it’s just ’cause I’m at that stage in my life. Either way, I’m grateful that it happened.

what a stack mmmmmm

Okay I think that’s enough deep thoughts for now, after I finished my essay today I did some baking and then painted my nails and AM LOVING LIFE. This is probably the first three months holidays I’ve got where I’m not going away for at least a month of it, and it feels kind of strange, but in a good way. I’m gonna get so much shit done, things that I wanted to get done back in 2012 LOL.

So next week I’m finally going to learn how to drive yay! I know I know, it’s been a long time coming, but omg can you imagine the places I can finally go to once I can drive? North side I’m looking at you. And I also planning on posting A LOT over the next few months, I literally have restaurants from two months ago that I still haven’t reviewed, time to get a move on haha.

Hmm I think that’s all for now, if you managed to get through all that then God, I love you to death.

21 Things I’m Thankful For

As some of you may have noticed, my posting schedule has gone out of the window these last two months. This is my last semester for my bachelor’s degree, and idk, I feel like it’s been the most intense semester? But it’s kind of weird, ’cause I can’t really pinpoint what exactly is stressful about it, I mean, yeh I’m doing one more subject, but it’s not necessarily harder. Hmm, maybe it’s because it’s so close to the end.

ANYWAY, that’s why I’ve barely posted anything, but I’m still alive don’t worry! So two days ago, I turned 21, and I know this may not be the case for all people, but birthdays are a huge deal to me. There’s something there about turning one year older you know? Even if it is just arbitrary. I never really feel that different ON my birthday, but I feel as though that’s the case with life. It’s only when you reflect on the past years, and your experience and whatnot, that you realise how much you’ve changed, whether for the better or worse.

This is clear a very deep post HAHAHA not. Idk I just thought this might be an opportunity for me to start to pick up my blogging game again! And yeh, on the reflective note, I thought I would share with you 21 things I’m thankful for when I turned 21!

Cake is clearly my one true love ❤

1. Public transport. I know Melbourne public transport isn’t the best, but come on, without it I would have to actually learn to drive, which will happen soooooon.

2. Nail polish. All the nail polish.

3. My mum’s cooking, because it’s pretty phenomenal. Especially her dumplings, hands down best dumplings in the whole world.

4. Chocolate, because chocolate makes everything better.

5. Claratyne. Without which Spring would be the death of me. 

6. Friends and family who love me unconditionally. Corny af but it had to be said let’s be real.

7. That I live in Melbourne. Melbourne is such an amazing city with so many facets, and although I still plan on working/studying overseas in the future, I think Melbourne is a place that I will always return to.

8. My new camera! I decided to finally bite the bullet and get myself a camera for my 21st! Yay for good quality photos in low light.

9. That I get to read and watch movies and shows and listen to music. Having the chance to just absorb yourself in one form of media is so, idk, other-worldly almost? It’s really hard to describe but anyone who’s seen a fantastic movie or read a good book to heard a great song would know what I’m talking about!

10. Zomato. Because come on, how would I know where to eat without Zomato?

11. That I am able to travel! Not as frequently as I would like, but still. Idk I feel like I could never be one of those people that just travels. Not because I can’t if I really wanted to, but because there’s other things that I think is more important?

12. Social media. As much as it drives me crazy sometimes, how would I stalk people without Instagram?!

13. That I get to go to uni studying something that I actually like. When I first started of uni, I was in for a bit of a shock since I barely did any humanity subjects back in high school, and yeh, 2,000 words essays definitely scared me a little. But criminology has taught me soooooo much beyond crimes (and no, it’s nothing like Criminal Minds, but I do have a lecturer that’s pretty much a doppleganger of Reid!). Social sciences are fascinating, and yeh, I’m glad I’ve kind of finally got the hang of essay writing, analytical thinking and all that shabam!

14. Onesies. Winters are always better when you’re in a onesie, especially if it’s a pink unicorn yay!

15. That I get to blog about food! Among other things haha. Sharing my love for food is definitely something that I enjoy thoroughly, and I promise I’ll get back into it! Soon hopefully haha.

16. That I can bully my mum into taking a million photos for me. Yes that dessert photo literally took half an hour to take HAHAHA.

17. Hair dye. Not the box ones, the good kind. You know, the one you mix with peroxide and stuff, Because life’s too short for black hair. And I’m too poor to get my hair done for $700.

18. My strong immune system. Being healthy comes with so many other benefits but yeh, just being healthy in itself is pretty amazing.

19. Wireless internet. Did anyone actually enjoy that ridiculous sound that dial-ups used to make? They drove me crazy.

20. Google. It actually saves lives. Can you imagine a world without Google? ‘Cause I can’t.

21. That I’ve finally been able to fathom the fact that everyone in the world wants different things in life, sort of. I feel like that’s a hard one to wrap your head around, and it’s something I’m still a bit confused by.

And that’s my list! There are more things that I’m thankful for obviously, but let’s just stick with 21 for now 🙂

I’m back yayer!

Our first polaroid yay
141230 – The Bund

Sorry for being MIA for a month without updates guys! I did a study abroad program in Fudan University, China, and as we all know, the great fire wall of China ain’t no joke.
I thought I would be able to find a VPN, but that never happened 😦 To be honest though, there was so much going on everyday that even if I had access to blogger, I’m not sure that I would’ve been able to post anything up!
I just got back to Melbourne yesterday, and thought I’d at least do an update post hehe, because the thing is, I’m sitting the LSAT on 8 February, 9 days away say what. So yeh, it’s cram time, wish me luck! Promise I’ll be back in less than 10 days ^______^

I have sooooooo many posts lined up haha, 2015’s going to be a good one! See you soon!