Aroma Tea House

Aroma Tea House is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Sandringham, it’s quite a small restaurant located in the shopfront of the shopping centre.
Unlike the typical white tea pots that Chinese restaurants tend to gravitate towards, Aroma Tea House uses these cute red ones, and it was a pearl wheat (?) tea that was served I think.

Green Tea Latte
The green tea latte was highly recommended by the owner, but it was a little disappointing. The green tea flavour wasn’t overly strong, it pretty much just tasted like warm milk with a small amount of matcha powder.

Deep Fried Mini Golden Bun with Condensed Milk (5 pcs) – $5.00

These deep fried buns are some of my favourite things to order at street food stalls in China, and I don’t think I’ve seen them served in another restaurant in Melbourne, so this was a nice surprise! The buns had a gold crispy exterior, but it was a little dense in the centre, just make sure you get plenty of condensed milk, and it’ll be a simple but tasty starter.

Salt and Pepper King Prawns – $29.80

XO sauce prawns were listed as a special on the blackboard, so we asked if they can be cooked any other ways, and chose the salt and pepper version, always nice when a restaurant is accommodating. The prawns were huuuuuuge, they were fried lightly with a flour batter. The thinly sliced capsicum and onions placed on top added a lot more flavour to the prawns without overpowering them. Overall a simple, but well balanced dish (been watching too much Masterchef clearly LOL)!

Spicy Chicken Ribs – $25.80

Another dish that was off the menu, because they ran out of chicken wings for the day, and made the dish with ribs instead, but hey, I ain’t complaining, ribs are pretty darn good too. The ribs had a thicker batter, and were fried to perfection, then tossed through the sauce and vegetables. The ribs were tender, and there were plenty of pepper corns in the sauce to make my lips tingle by the end of the meal.

Dumplings (Wagyu, Northern and Chicken and Prawn) – $12.00

There were several different types of dumplings on offer at Aroma Tea House, and we got a combination of everything apart from vegetarian because it had carrots (first world problems I know). There’s your typical pork, chicken and prawn, and then there’s their own invention of wagyu, which I haven’t really seen anywhere else. The fillings were all very flavoursome, the wagyu tasted very full bodied especially, but the traditional pork and cabbage was still my favourite. The skins of the dumplings were overcooked however, and several were broken actually, letting the juice from the filling go to waste 😦

Aroma Tea House definitely adds something to the Sandringham area, I don’t know the area too well myself, but after a quick search on Urbanspoon, there didn’t seem to be a lot of options when it comes to Chinese food. The menu, although short in comparison to places in Box Hill, and slightly higher priced, offered a nice selection of dishes. Definitely give Aroma Tea House a go if you’re from the area (or just hitting up the beach y’know), and are in need for some Chinese food! πŸ™‚

How to get there:
Aroma Tea House is located on Station Street, a short 5 minutes walk from Sandringham station.

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