NOTD | Essie Strawberry Shortcake

Summer’s pretty much over in Melbourne, sad times I know, but hey, that also means the end of hay fever season yay!

During the warmer days, I threw on this blindingly neon combo in an attempt to make my skin look tanner, which kind of failed I gotta say. On the bright side (hehe), Essie Strawberry Shortcake had an excellent formula, an easy two coats was all I needed, and I slapped on some white glitter polish I bought in China for a dollar, and BAM, we have a winner! Although it looks like a pink-ish red, in real life, this polish is definitely a neon hot pink, with some shimmer through out, you know how cameras freak out with neons though.

Where to buy:
Priceline carries Essie nail polishes, I’m pretty sure this is one of the permanent colours.

NOTD | Essie Smooth Sailing

The thing about filing my nails oval is that I HAVE TO FILE THEM SO OFTEN. Compared to squared nails, oval definitely grows out of shape quicker. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t file them for three or four weeks, and they look, well, let’s just say not very pleasant.Β 
Rant aside, I love this polish! Smooth Sailing is a simple light denim blue creme polish that is filled with silver shimmer, which is visible in all lightings. The polish did dry a bit darker than in the bottle, which made it more Winter appropriate I suppose, although this polish was actually released in the Summer collection back in 2011.
Three Coats of Essie Smooth Sailing w/ Topcoat

The name of the polish definitely make me want it to be Summer already, even though I’m not particularly a fan of the hot season. What about you? What’s your favourite season? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

NOTD | Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days…

Weather’s really starting to feel like Winter now, which means it’s time to chuck on some bright colours on my nails yay! Today I picked out Back in My Gloria Days… a polish from the Modern Family collection b Nicoly by OPI, my best friend was in US at the time, so I got her to pick up a few polishes for me hehe, and this was before Nicole by OPI was sold in Target!
3 coats of Back in My Gloria Days… w/ Topcat in the Shade

Back in My Gloria Days is a purple based shimmer, and sort of a duochrome depending on the lighting, usually in the shade, you can see a bit of pink peeking in around the edge of the nail, which makes the polish a lot more interesting!

3 coats of Back in My Gloria Days… w/ Topcat in Direct Sunlight

In direct sunlight, Back in My Gloria Days… is super sparkly! This photo does not do it justice. The polish seems be lit within itself, and it’s super attention grabbing. Not a colour for the faint-hearted hey.

3 coats of Back in My Gloria Days… w/ Topcat in the Shade

Just another photo to show off the duochromy goodness. I can even see a bit of dark blue (?) coming through! I decided to chuck some studs on just ’cause, but man idk if I’ve been using my hand a lot more or what, but they kept on falling off! Which usually doesn’t happen 😦