A25 Pizzeria

Italian food has become synonymous to summer days for me, since going to Italy itself is not happening anytime soon, I’ve settled for trying out some new Italian restaurants for the time being.

A25 has three locations in Melbourne already, and recently added some vegan options to their menu, which I was more than happy to try. The airy and funky space looked promising, and I was ready to dig in to some good ol’ pizza!

Aperol Spritz – $14.00

Aperol Spritz is my go-to drink in the warmer weather. It’s light, sparkling and fruity, what more can you ask for?

Truffle Porcini & Parmesan Fries – $8.50

The truffles fries came with the pungent smell of truffle, which means you’re either going to love them or hate them. I am personally a huge fan of truffle, and thought these were delectable.

Vegan Vegie Explosion – $20.00

Featuring a range of grilled vegies, the pizza surely looked promising. I thought the vegan mozzarella was actually pretty decent, I mean sure, it doesn’t exactly give off the same creamy taste, but it did the job. The vegies were quite sweet after being roasted, especially in the case of the roasted pumpkin and capsicum, and this was offset nicely by the brininess from the olives scattered across the pizza.

A25 – $25.00

With the titular A25 pizza touted as a favourite, I had to give it a go. The combination of prosciutto and fresh mozzarella is always a classic, and the homemade pesto and roasted pine nuts added some earthiness to the pizza.

With deals such as $15 pizza and pasta for weekday lunches, A25 has become a hotspot for those that work in offices closeby. Indeed, the outside terrace was filled with patreons grabbing a quick bite to eat during rush hour.

The expansion of the menu will certainly be appreciated by those that frequent the restaurant, as it means that they are able to bring friends who may have dietary requirements to dine with them, while still being able to get some traditional offerings themselves, a feat that has become harder to accomplish.

So next time you’re in need of a mixture of vagan and non-vegan options, why not give A25 a try in one of its three locations?

How to get here:
I visited the South Yarra location of A25, which is on Chapel Street. Catch tram #78 and get off at Malcolm Street/Chapel Street, and the restaurant is right next to the tram stop. Alternatively, catch the train on the Sandringham line and get off at South Yarra, and A25 is around 10 minutes walk away.

I dined as a guest of A25.

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Fancy Nance

1Fancy Nance reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, with its colourful murals of flamingos, blue plush sofas, and countless unique sounding treats on offer. Around the corner from Zumbo Patisserie, it offers a perfect sanctuary for those who love their sweets and desserts, in the form of high tea.

My friend and I decided to finally try out the high tea here one afternoon, and we went for the $65 I’m So Fancy option, of course. The menu has since changed, but I’ll try my best to remember everything we tried!


Deconstructed Carrot Cake

Deconstruct anything and they’ll look 100 times fancier am I right? The carrot cake was not only pretty to look at, but each element actually worked really well together. From the crumbed cake to the cream cheese frosting, it still had the flavour of a traditional carrot cake, with a dash more sophistication.


Left to right: Apple Sorbet; Yoghurt Mousse (?), Coconut Macron, Milk Foam (?)

Clearly, my memory has failed me when it came to the platter of sweets. They all tasted nice without being spectacular though, and the macaron was definitely amazing, I can vouch for all Zumbo macarons.



The high tea also came with a pot of tea each, I opted for the Darjeeling, and the black tea certainly helped in balancing out some of the sweeter offerings.


Palmier and Mini Croissants

Next up we had some baked goods. The palmier had layers of pastry, and it melted in my mouth. The croissants were brilliant too, flaky and buttery, if only it was a tad bigger! Although it’s probably a good thing in hindsight, considering how many more things we had to sample.


Scones w/ Two Jams

The scones were freshly baked, with a crusty exterior, and soft and bouncy interior once you split it in half.


Scone w/ Capsicum Jam

I enjoyed the capsicum jam in particular (look at that colour!), but the pear jam was also quite nice.


Left: Fancy af Crackers w/ Dollops of Tomato Relish / Right: Pastries Du Jour

Presentation is clearly on point with this one, the crackers were placed on a bed of pebbles, ready to be eaten.10Along with its quirky presentation, these also acted as the perfect bridge between the sweet and savoury components of the high tea. The tomato relish was a little sour, and the crunchy crackers provided some texture.11


Pork Buns

Definitely not your traditional pork buns, how are they so freaking round?! Anyway, the light and fluffy skin held some delicious pulled pork filling inside, dip into some that spring onion and light soy sauce, I could eat 5 of these, but probably shouldn’t. This was an uanimous favourite between us.


Braised Beef Cheek

There was a lot of pressure on the braised beef cheek to perform after the pork bun, but it actually did not fall short. The meat was extremely tender, and fell apart at the prick of a fork. The sauce was also extremely decadent, and thick in consistency.


Chilled Tomato Soup

Cold and acidic, the chilled tomato soup was the ultimate palette cleanser after the two heavier savoury dishes, and an ideal end of our high tea experience.

Although the menu items were quite ground-breaking and unique in their own right, I don’t think I’d go back for the high tea at Fancy Nance. I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like the $65 price tag could be justified.

In saying that however, I did enjoy the experience at the restaurant, and my friend and I both agreed that it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with a friend. So really, I guess do for the experience at least once, if that’s what you’re looking for, but don’t expect top-notch high tea.

How to get there:
Fancy Nance is located on Daly Street, a short 5 minutes walk from South Yarra Station.

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Tom Dick & Harry

Located on the ever-so-busy Toorak Road, Tom Dick & Harry may be easy to miss. Once you step inside, however, you’ll be rewarded with a display of salads, rolls, and muesli which you can get for on-the-go, or if you have time, take a seat and you’ll be surprised by the diversity of the items of their menu.
Top: Latte – $4.00
Bottom: Skinny Flat White – $4.00

We visited Tom Dick & Harry before heading off to Daylesford for a few days, so coffees were a must. Both the coffees were good, nothing remarkable but didn’t fall short of the mark either.

Smashed Avocado – $17.50 & Egg – $2.00

This has got to be one of the most colourful, hence prettiest smashed avo I’ve ever seen! There was a high pile of quinoa super grain salad on top of the avocado, which were served on some chia toasts, making this perfect for the clean eating crowd out there. I’m not part of that gang, but if all super grain salad tasted like this, I could totally get on board. There was a myriad of ingredients – raw greens, feta, corn, currants, pomegranate, almonds, pepita seeds, and fresh herbs, but they all worked so well together, I loved the pomegranates and smoked almonds especially, as they added some texture to the salad. The smashed avocado itself was impeccable too, but it really was hard to outshine the accompanying salad.

Dick’s Roasted Pork Belly – $20.50

This is definitely on the more indulgent side of things. The pork belly was basted in a sticky chilli caramel sauce, giving it the perfect glaze and hint of sweetness. The chunks of pork belly was sitting between smashed roasted rosemary pumpkin and potatoes (that’s a mouthful), which were seasoned perfectly, and I could taste some cumin in there too; and a watercress and apple salad, which is kind of mandatory when it comes to roast pork belly brunch dishes, and as usual, it lent some freshness to the rich dish. And when there’s two HUGE pieces of cracklings on a pork belly dish, always count me in.

Tom Dick & Harry was definitely a pleasant surprise, their one page no-frill menu had both healthy and not-so-healthy choices, which is hard to come by, as restaurants tend to specialise in one or the other.

Although small, Tom Dick & Harry was bustling when we visited. There were mums mingling, white collars that work close by either grabbing a quick bite, or selecting something from the glass cabinet for on-the-go; and girls that were just chilling. Definitely a place for everyone to visit!

How to get there:
Tom Dick & Harry is located on Toorak Road, a short 5 minutes walk from South Yarra station.

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