A25 Pizzeria

Italian food has become synonymous to summer days for me, since going to Italy itself is not happening anytime soon, I’ve settled for trying out some new Italian restaurants for the time being.

A25 has three locations in Melbourne already, and recently added some vegan options to their menu, which I was more than happy to try. The airy and funky space looked promising, and I was ready to dig in to some good ol’ pizza!

Aperol Spritz – $14.00

Aperol Spritz is my go-to drink in the warmer weather. It’s light, sparkling and fruity, what more can you ask for?

Truffle Porcini & Parmesan Fries – $8.50

The truffles fries came with the pungent smell of truffle, which means you’re either going to love them or hate them. I am personally a huge fan of truffle, and thought these were delectable.

Vegan Vegie Explosion – $20.00

Featuring a range of grilled vegies, the pizza surely looked promising. I thought the vegan mozzarella was actually pretty decent, I mean sure, it doesn’t exactly give off the same creamy taste, but it did the job. The vegies were quite sweet after being roasted, especially in the case of the roasted pumpkin and capsicum, and this was offset nicely by the brininess from the olives scattered across the pizza.

A25 – $25.00

With the titular A25 pizza touted as a favourite, I had to give it a go. The combination of prosciutto and fresh mozzarella is always a classic, and the homemade pesto and roasted pine nuts added some earthiness to the pizza.

With deals such as $15 pizza and pasta for weekday lunches, A25 has become a hotspot for those that work in offices closeby. Indeed, the outside terrace was filled with patreons grabbing a quick bite to eat during rush hour.

The expansion of the menu will certainly be appreciated by those that frequent the restaurant, as it means that they are able to bring friends who may have dietary requirements to dine with them, while still being able to get some traditional offerings themselves, a feat that has become harder to accomplish.

So next time you’re in need of a mixture of vagan and non-vegan options, why not give A25 a try in one of its three locations?

How to get here:
I visited the South Yarra location of A25, which is on Chapel Street. Catch tram #78 and get off at Malcolm Street/Chapel Street, and the restaurant is right next to the tram stop. Alternatively, catch the train on the Sandringham line and get off at South Yarra, and A25 is around 10 minutes walk away.

I dined as a guest of A25.

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The Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar has become an institution of Fitzroy, serving up, you guessed it, vegetarian food! It was before the vegan train caught on, but they do have a bunch of vegan options too if that’s your dietary requirement.

The restaurant is set in a warehouse with high ceilings, offering plenty of seatings on both floors. The large space accommodates for both small and big groups, and there is usually no trouble in finding a table.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Funghi – $20.00

I love mushroom anything, so it was a no-brainer to order the mushroom pizza. The pizza dough – although untraditional – was chewy and dougy and delicious. Sitting on top was the topping of caramelised onions, crumbly feta, and ample amount of slow roasted field mushrooms. Fresh dill and pine nuts were sprinkled on top for some additional freshness and texture. The juicy mushrooms were definitely the star of the dish, the caramelised onion offered some sweetness, and the briny feta did not overwhelm everything else.

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Moroccan Tajine – $18.00

I’ve never tried a tajine before, and upon consulting google, it’s a type of stew that’s named after the type of pottery it uses. The flavoursome sweet and sour stew had chickpeas, butternut squash, and tomato, and were simmered to the point where all the vegetables were tender. I thought the coconut tsatsiki were a bit of a random component, although I guess its purpose was to lighten up the dish. The roasted cauliflower were tasty though, reminiscent of popcorn.

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Chips – $7.00

Our meal was completed with a cone of chips. These were not as crunchy as I would have preferred, but were potato-y nonetheless.

Vegie Bar’s menu takes inspiration from all around the world, I don’t think it aims to offer a traditional experience by any means, the focus is on re-inventing these dishes so that they are both vegetarian friendly, and still retain some of its key flavours. The menu is quite large, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to ticklet your fancy, even if you don’t usually eat your greens.

How to get there:
The Vegie Bar is located on Brunswick Street, catch tram 11 from Parliament, Southern Cross or Collins Street, and get off at Leicester Street/Brunswick Street, and the restaurant is right next to the tram stop.

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Moroccan Soup Bar

Ah Moroccan Soup Bar, I’ve heard so many great things about you. I remember when I first discovered Fitzroy, Brunswick Street in particular, and promising myself that I will try out ALL the restaurants one day. So it’s been a few years, and I’ve still got a long way to go, but hey, I was finally able to hit up Moroccan Soup Bar before my friend and I went to Lion King, and tick that off the list.

Mint Tea

If you haven’t heard already – where have you been – almost everyone chooses the banquet option here at Moroccan Soup Bar. Maybe because the menu is told verbally and no one can be bothered – good marketing strategy eh. After we went ahead and ordered the $25 pp buffet, things started off with some mint tea. These were nice and minty (I wonder why), and set the theme for the night.

Dips w/ Pita Bread

The dips were so good. The tangy tzatziki danced on my pallet, and the earthy hummus provided a distint contrast. The vegetable salad on the sides all had some interesting flavours too, my favourite was the mushed up califlower one. And oh, you could always ask for extra pita bread if that whole stack isn’t enough, they’re obviously store bought but still, bread is bread.

Chickpea Bake

And here it is, the all-so-famous chickpea bake. Creamy and acidic, this was kind of like a lasagna. Layers of chickpea, tortilla chips, and a Greek yoghurt mixture meant that this was a hearty and satisfying dish. The flavours were definitely on point, my only complaint is the same as everyone else – if only the tortilla chips remained crispy.

Vegetable Stew

The vegetable stew was a lot more mellow in flavour, but it was still pleasant to eat. There was plenty of sauce for us to dip the pita bread with.

Lentil Stew w/ Two Types of Rice

The lentil stew – extremely unappetising looks wise I know – had a myriad of spice thrown in there, I could taste cinnamon distinctively. After mixing the stew with the rice, it was home cooking down to a tee.

Pancakes, Truffle, Donut

And to end it all, we were given a plate of various desserts. The truffle tasted a little strange, too much cardamon maybe? But the little pancakes were cute, and the donut was delectable.

Although the restaurant was never decked out when we visited, there was a constant stream of people picking up deliveries in their own tupperwares. Moroccan Soup Bar certainly has its charm, and I’m glad that I finally visited the place!

How to get there:
Moroccan Soup Bar is located on St Georges Road, catch tram #11 and get off at stop #21, Alfred Cre/St Georges Rd, and the restaurant is two minutes walk away.

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Trippy Taco

I used to always get Smith Street and Brunswick Street confused, the thing is, they just both have a bajillion restaurant on them and it’s hard to remember what’s where! One time, my friends and I were on Brunswick Street, and we literally walked for half an hour trying to find Trippy Taco, because we kept on thinking it was on the next corner, super sad story I know 😦 A year later, I finally got over that traumatising experience and found it with the help of good ol’ Google Map!
Mixed Taco Meal (1 Beans and 1 Tofu) – $13.50

Excuse the crappy quality of these photos, it’s hard to take good photos with the florescent orange lighting 😦 Anyway, back to what’s important, the food! My friend went for the taco meal, and she loved it! It was sooooo messy to eat though, literally the second she picked the taco up, everything just fell out haha. But the filling was delicious, and the salad was amped up with the ample amount of avocado and a squeeze of lime juice, everything was just really light and fresh!

Tofu Asada Burrito – $12.00

Omg I can’t even look at this photo, it’s just so ugly… But the char-grilled tofu was the bomb dot com! Is that not cool to say anymore? Back in 2010? Oh well. The filling was pretty much the same as the tofu taco, but because it was all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla, it was a lot easier to eat! The smokiness of the tofu really came through, and definitely paired well with the fresh salad.

Trippy Fries – $6.50

Apparently you can’t visit Trippy Taco without ordering a basket of their fries, and who am I to say no to that? The thin French fries was really crispy, and the seasoning on top kind of reminded me of the seasoning they use for the Mexicrinkles at Salsa’s, but a more subdued version.

Service is pretty minimal here, you have to find your own table, and order at the counter. Trippy Taco is popular amongst a variety of people, which is always nice to see. If you’re craving a Mexican meal, but is watching out for your calories, then Trippy Taco’s lighter take on some of the Mexican classics is right up your alley!

How to get here:
Trippy Taco is located on Gertrude Street, catch tram 86 and get off at stop #15, Smith St/Gertrude St, and it’s one minute walk away from the tram stop.

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