Murasaki Tanuki

Local gems are some of my favourites, especially when authentic food is found in unlikely places. Murasaki Tanuki certainly falls under both categories, being a small Japanese eatery located on a inconspicuous shopping strip.

Sure, the interior may seem quite bare when you first enter – tables scattered around, with minimal decoration. However, the restaurant was filled with diners even during lunch hours on a weekday, which sort of hints at the quality of food that can be expected.

Takoyaki – $6.50

Takoyakis are some of my favourites, although they’re usually pretty good – think gooey batter containing octopus bits, and topped with a mix of takoyaki sauce (what I think of as Japanese BBQ sauce) and kewpie, and what could go wrong? However, it has also been truly difficult to find ones that stand out from the rest, especially after having tried some of the best renditions in Osaka.

The Kanto population are said to prefer a more textured take when it comes to takoyaki, and this description matched the version served here at Murasaki Tanuki; being quite different to the Kansai rendition that I had become accustomed to. They were a lot crunchier, which of course, highlighted the soft interior.

Curry Udon – $11.50

Given the weird humid yet cold weather that Melbourne is currently experiencing, a bowl of warm curry udon was in order. The soup was very thick and boasted the milder and sweeter flavour of Japanese curry. The thickness can be attested in this photo, as there were pieces of tender beef and slippery udon hidden beneath the soup too!

Miso Soup served with the Bento
King Salmon with Miso Bento Set – $19.00

There were plenty of bentos to choose from, and they each come with miso soup, sashimi, an array of side dishes, takikomi gohan, i.e. rice that’s cooked with the addition of scallops and vegetables in this case, and the main dish of your choosing, which in this case, was the daily special of king salmon with miso.

The salmon was grilled perfectly, and the sweetness of the miso enhanced the freshness of the fish. It even had crispy skin!

The extensive menu at Murasaki Tanuki covers all of the standard Japanese fares depending on what you’re craving on the day coupled with the reasonable prices, especially when taking the high-quality of produce into consideration, it is easy to see why the restaurant has become a local favourite. Whether you live nearby or not, Murasaki Tanuki is worth a visit!

How to get here:
Murasaki Tanuki is located at the Studfield Shopping Centre, catch the #901 Frankston to Melbourne Airport bus, and get off at Studfield SC, and the restaurant is a short two minutes walk away.

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Hog’s Breath Cafe

Hog’s Breath Cafe is an American style steakhouse that specialises in steaks (DUH), burgers and curly fries – btw they’re sold in Costco yay.
Garlic Mushroom Prime Rib (Lite Cut) – $26.95

I asked for medium rare, but the steak that served to me was definitely more on the medium side. The steak was lukewarm, and was just, how should I put it, average, if not below. The garlic mushrooms on top added some flavour, but still couldn’t save the steak. The salad was plain, the best thing on the plate was probably the curly fries, because they were curly strips of potatoes deep fried.

Calamari Balsamic Salad – $14.95

My friend order something on the lighter side of things, and she loved it. The calamari had a light batter, and the dressing on top was acidic, and had a bit of a kick to it which was nice.

I wouldn’t recommend Hog’s Breath to anyone that’s looking for a decent piece of steak, I’m sure there are many great restaurants out there that serves up some good steak within a similar price range.

How to get there:
Hog’s Breath Cafe is located in Knox O-zone of Knox City.

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