JAPAN 2017 | Osaka: Lucky Owl Cafe; Dotonburi

Excuse the long pause between the travel posts, they take a lot longer to write and law school’s already catching up with me! Anyway, let’s continue on my first day in Osaka. After spending a couple of hours at Kuromon Ichiba Market, I made my way to Lucky Owl Cafe!

Lucky Owl Cafe

All sorts of weird cafes can be found in Japan, maid, robot, alpaca, just to name a few, but I picked owl cafe to go to, because, well, owls!

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It took me a while to find Lucky Owl Cafe, because it moved location sometime last year, but only the old location was shown on Google map. After finally finding it however, the owls made it all worth it.

You had to buy one drink, and there was a time limit of one hour. The waiter there was extremely helpful, and explained to me where each owl came from, how they look after them, and just some more random owl facts, which I’m all for.

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The full lineup!

The owls were mostly quite friendly, and you can pet them on the beak! The hour flew by and it was time for me to say goodbye to the owls.

Before heading into Lucky Owl Cafe, I was quite concerned about the way that the owls may be treated in these types of places, however I was very happy to learn that they are cared for by the people at the cafe, and enjoy their limited time with people everyday.


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Lucky Owl Cafe was on a side street in the busy neighbourhood of Dotonburi, aka where all the iconic neon lights, bridges, alleyways filled with restaurants and shops are found. I took my time and walked around pretty much aimlessly. These are honestly some of my best memories in Osaka, absorbing the energy of the city and enjoying being part of the hustle and bustle.

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I spent ages in Loft, a lifestyle store with a focus on stationery, which I bought plenty of haha. It was in the same building as Muji, and the things at Muji were comparatively cheaper than back home, so I finally bit the bullet and bought the aroma diffuser, something that I’ve had my eyes on for a while! I went into another drugstore as well, hunting down some more things on my list.


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For dinner, I settled on a yakitori bar that I stumbled upon. It was very cozy and the food was decent. Although each skewer on its own doesn’t seem like much, it certainly did fill me up.

I got back to the hostel at around 11, and was knackered, but also so excited for the next  day because it was going to be Universal Studio time!

Spending Tracker

Drugstore: 5004JPY ~ 62.8AUD
Owl cafe: 1500JPY ~ 18AUD
Socks: 432JPY ~ 5.3AUD
Forever 21: 949JPY ~ 11.7AUD
Muji: 10047JPY ~ 125.1AUD
Loft: 2790JPY ~ 32.8AUD

Total: 20722JPY ~ 255.7AUD

WORD VOMIT | if I hear the word squad one more time

We’re heading towards the end of 2016, and the one word that I sincerely hope we can leave behind in 2016 is the word “squad”. I know I know, unpopular opinion, but hear me out.

I don’t know about you, but the first time I ever heard the word squad was in reference to Tswizzle’s gang of girls in VMA or Billboard or whatever award show it was back in 2015 I believe, at the time, I thought to myself, damn, that is such a cool group of girls, good for them. And then time passed on, and the term started bombarding popular culture and social media, everyone had their squad, and everyone wanted everyone else to know about it.

And that’s when my frustration began. Why do you need a squad? How many people do you need in a squad? Maybe it’s just me, but I just feel like having a squad requires at least 5+ people, and to a lot of people, that’s just impossible. I know personally, all the friends I have made have been pretty much one on one, as in we wouldn’t really have that many mutual friends, or we would, but they’d mostly be acquaintances, and we would never really have a “squad” that we would hang out with day in day out. Don’t get me wrong, I do know people that do, but then again, I always question the sincerity and bond those larger groups have. Sure, you can go out with them every now and then, but when something terrible happens in your life, how many people in your “squad” will be there for you?

Maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing, as per usual, but I feel as though “squad” just put some unnecessary added pressure onto the expectations society already places on us, we have to be hard working, we have to be doing something with our lives, we have to be happy, we have to have a “squad”, for us to be seen as a fully-functioning individual in the 21st century. There are so many things that’s wrong with that mentality, but that’s a whole other thing.

I have friends (wow did I really just say that), but I don’t see them as my “squad”, they’re people that I connect with, my companions, the ones I care about and the ones that care about me, and squad just diminishes all the feelings I have towards them.

I don’t know if I’m the only that feels this way about “squad”, but surely not, no man’s an island. But hey, if I am, then so be it, I don’t need a “squad” to agree with me anyway.